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In constructions, the method of constructing space trusses is of great interest to many people. Because every building needs certain spaces. To do so, it is necessary to have safe…

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In constructions, the method of constructing space trusses is of great interest to many people. Because every building needs certain spaces. To do so, it is necessary to have safe construction methods.

However, not everyone knows and understand those methods or methods of construction. Therefore, in this article, we will share the measures of space rig construction . Please find out and refer to it.

Construction solutions for space rigs

Construction Space Platform

1.What is the solution for constructing the space rig?

Space frame is a preeminent bearing structure that has been used in developed countries since the 1950s. Currently, the type of space frame  is being developed and expanded in Vietnam in recent years. Especially with large projects throughout the provinces in the country.

Space frame has many advantages Vietnamese than traditional structure. They provide stability to buildings with large spaces. Such as theaters, gymnasiums, toll booths, stadiums.

Construction measures for space rigs are solutions and methods for implementing safe and sustainable works.

Construction solutions for space rigs

Construction Truss Space At Tinta Company

2. Measures for constructing the space frame

Removable bulkhead method

One of the methods for constructing a safe space rig is a high-mount method. To implement this measure, you need to place the lower bar, belly bar, upper wing bar on the working platform by boli. You should also pay attention to the working floor system should be guaranteed solidity safety.

Also during construction, you must regularly check the axes, rays. And the pitch, the straightness. If any errors are found, they must be adjusted immediately to comply with the construction regulations.

Construction solutions for space rigs

TINTA Jsc-Design Brand Structure Prestigious Space Platform In Vietnam

Method of mounting in blocks or segments

To take measures to construct space trusses effectively and safely. Then the installation method in blocks or segments is preferred. To make it easier to assemble the roof, create a position that links with the piece, you should use bolts link.

In the positions of linking blocks with blocks, sections with sections, it is necessary to have solid education. As well as working platform for assembly work, to place anti-theft columns.

Construction solutions for space rigs

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Measures for sliding on high

  • Sliding transfer method: with this method, each section is mounted on a sliding rail system. Then slide this section to the position where you need to connect to reassemble.
  • Method of piecing together and then moving slides: The whole system will be assembled and then slide the entire slide into place.

Measures for lifting and installing the whole block

Construction method is also a method of lifting and installing the whole block. Designed with lifting devices such as hydraulic jacks, electric lifting tables. This method is quite a lot of construction. To ensure sustainability when using and safety for construction workers.

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3.What to note when using construction methods

  • You need a seat belt when constructing construction works.
  • There must be scaffolding stairs for recognition of easy up and down and reasonable labor arrangement. So that movement is limited in construction.
  • You need to ensure all necessary personal equipment. Such as non-slip shoes, safety helmets for labor safety.
Construction solutions for space rigs

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

4.The unit has safe construction measures

With years of experience in the implementation of safety works. TINTA Joint Stock Company has absolute trust and peace of mind in using our products.

The company not only has measures to construct safe space trusses . It also provides high-class products for interior and exterior made of stainless steel.

5.Advantages when you construct space truss at TINTA

  • When you construct the space truss at TINTA, customers will be enthusiastically assisted and consulted by the staff of the company. Consistent with the wishes and needs of each customer.
  • Construction price of space truss at TINTA is always the most competitive and most affordable on the market today.
  • The design team and the construction team of TINTA works quickly and safely for customers.

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Construction solutions for space rigs

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