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In the past few years, large-scale, space-intensive buildings require high technology. Then the usual materials like concrete … cannot meet, instead of the standard modern space frame. With a solid…

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In the past few years, large-scale, space-intensive buildings require high technology. Then the usual materials like concrete … cannot meet, instead of the standard modern space frame. With a solid design, technical and aesthetic assurance. Seamless space  has been selected by many builders.

Space frame

Space frame

Let’s TINTA- stainless steel space staging learn more about space staging, advantages and benefits. As well as choosing the best quality product through the article.

You should choose the manufacturer, provide installation to have the best space array?

Tinta Vietnam Stainless Steel Joint Stock Company will be the most perfect choice for you. Our company has many years of experience in the field of design and manufacture of steel structures. Especially stainless steel, stainless steel space frame. With a closed production line, advanced technology. We have gradually asserted our position in the market.

TINTA also has a professional staff. Many years of experience are always ready to serve customers. Not only that but also foreign experts in charge of production. To produce the best quality products.

staging space

Steel Space At Tinta Company

“Top quality, international standard, high-class products, prestigious prices” are the motto of TINTA. We are confident that will bring you the best service and products.

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Learn about the concepts and advantages of staging space?

Space staging is a staging structure in which its structural molecules are subjected to forces in many dimensions in space. Mostly found in the roofs of large constructions such as gymnasiums, large workshops …

It is designed to simulate the chemical molecular structure of sodium, carbon, diamond, etc.

For large constructions, the space truss system can meet the needs. Is a most effective aesthetic and technical solution.

staging space

TINTA Jsc-Prestige Design Structure Steel Structure in Vietnam

Space staging system has outstanding advantages such as:

  • Solid structure, unique: There are usually made of stainless steel, can meet the needs of creating large spans can be up to 300m.
  • Saving materials: Make the most of the working ability of materials, bar elements.
  • Safe to use: Hardness of large works against storms, earthquakes …
  • High aesthetics: Diverse architecture suitable for almost all construction needs.
  • Modern technology makes assembling fast, easy to transport.

The introduction of the staging system is considered a big step forward in the construction industry. Solving large-scale projects.

And when you come to Tinta Stainless Steel Vietnam. You will have more products than expected.

staging space

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Warranty process of space frame of TINTA Vietnam

We will have the space warranty system under the provisions of the State. Under the agreement of the contract signed with the contractor.

  • When the contractors detect faults caused by the manufacturer. Then our customer service department will receive and report back to the technical side for inspection.
  • If it is correct, we will present it in the inspection record and propose the plan and the time needed to overcome.
  • Once the director has approved, we will proceed to correct according to the process and time available.
  • Upon completion, the contractor will sign the receipt with the director and check all reports.
  • Finally, it summarizes and stores information.

We are committed to making the warranty on the space array transparent and will handle all errors that occur.

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

Come to TINTA Vietnam Stainless Steel Joint Stock Company. To get the best quality staging products. As well as consulting support information about the best service for customers.

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