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C corresponding to the development of today’s society. More and more places need large span roofs with compact, beautiful space. In particular, the span node is a special type of…

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C corresponding to the development of today’s society. More and more places need large span roofs with compact, beautiful space. In particular, the span node is a special type of structure that has been used by developed countries in recent years. With many outstanding advantages useful for large projects today.

To learn more about service design and construction of the gantry space rig . Let’s explore the construction of the bridge node space design with modern architecture through the following article:

Space truss bridge buttons

TINTA Jsc-Design Brand Structure Prestigious Space Platform In Vietnam

The common characteristics of the spherical space array

Staging space bridge is known as the structure with bolts linked by the bridge. Designed and applied to construction works and major events in Vietnam.

Bridge node spatial systems require a high degree of accuracy with standard dimensions and procedures. With beautiful and unique architecture, bringing majestic and classy appearance to the project.

In addition, with the ability to develop links in many directions.  Bridge space can accommodate complex, multi-dimensional roofs or large span roofs at any angle

Staging space bridge button

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

The details of the spherical node space array

Seamless space bridge buttons have a solid structure, beautiful and unique architecture. Bring monumentality and class to the building, including details:

  • Linking bolts: High strength barbed bolts
  • Cage: made from CT3 steel through forging technology, keyway, drilled, galvanized or polished nickel …
  • Bar staging: diameter and intensity as designed. In addition, it is washed, phosphated surface and powder coated according to required color.
  • Steel spheres: finished with plating or painted with holes to link the truss bars.
  • Cone head: made from CT3 steel by efficient forging and turning technology
Seamless space bridge button

Seamless Space At Tinta Company

Construction design space staging where?

Seamless bridge button space with a unique design creates a majestic and different look for your project.

Spherical button space frame with the unique needs of architectural structure stainless steel structure link space frame creates class for the building

To be able to bring about the expected success. The selection of a construction unit of professional bridge space design is extremely necessary today

In Ho Chi Minh City in particular and Vietnam in general. INOX TINTA is a leading unit in manufacturing, supplying and installing products of stainless steel space frame. Especially ready to consult the construction of professional bridge node space design.

Space truss bridge buttons

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Address for constructing the bridge button space at INOX TINTA

With many designs based on the unique architectural structure of the bridge button space system at INOX TINTA, customers have many choices in price as well as the variety of products.

At 304 stainless steel space frame – TINTA always brings the design and architecture of the bridge space frame architecture for construction and class events in Vietnam.

We always satisfy customers, wholeheartedly support any questions. As well as advising customers on the product information most clearly.

With the motto: quality service, reputation with customers is put on top. This is exactly what most customers choose.

Let the 304 stainless steel space rig – TinTa confirm the stature of your project. See also 304 stainless steel flagpole. Cot co inox tphcm . Machining stainless steel flagpole in tphcm.

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