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Currently, to organize events, the stage will be an indispensable part, considered the face of the program and event. Large, majestic stage also shows the reputation of the production unit….

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Currently, to organize events, the stage will be an indispensable part, considered the face of the program and event. Large, majestic stage also shows the reputation of the production unit. So stage preparation is a very important step. A stage space rig will certainly contribute a great part to the success of the show.

Let’s learn about stage space rig , the advantages as well as the most satisfactory and best choice through this article.

stage space truss

TINTA Jsc-Design Brand Structure Prestigious Space Platform In Vietnam

Why do you need a solid stage space rig?

As everyone knows, if a show doesn’t have a certain stage, it will hurt the reputation of the production unit. Not only that, it also causes serious material losses as well as the health of everyone.

So a stage truss is considered a backbone that helps fix the entire production. A complete stage, will certainly be full of sound and light suspenders for the show.

Truss space stage is a central highlight of the entire event. Therefore, it is necessary to have a designer, installers with high calculations, to avoid possible risks. And Tinta Vietnam Joint Stock Company can guarantee that. With multi-dimensional structure designed interlocking through bars to create a stage truss with extremely high bearing capacity.

Come with us – TINTA Vietnam to get a perfect space .

Truss stage space

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Advantages of TINTA’s stage space truss

The stage truss was born to meet almost all about high safety as well as aesthetics and convenience.

The advantages of space truss of TINTA Vietnam Joint Stock Company:

  • Ability to design, install and assemble easily and quickly.
  • Safe materials, light transportation.
  • The multi-dimensional structure is durable and has a high bearing capacity.
  • High certainty helps prevent storms, earthquakes …
  • Size and shape can be easily adjusted to best suit.
  • Can be used in many different terrains, does not occupy much area.
  • Lightweight, durable and highly aesthetic.

With operating criteria “Respect customers, dedicated service dedicated, keep leading prestige and spirit of progress”.

TINTA will always bring the best quality service. Along with the installation and construction of high-quality stage space truss , will make investors happy. Commit to your program, event that takes place in the safest, most secure way.

stage space truss

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

TINTA – A unit of designing and installing high-class stage space rigs

Come to Tinta Vietnam Joint Stock Company to get the most luxurious and majestic stage space rig . With many years of pioneering in the field of manufacturing, designing ,. Construction and installation of space trusses for big events. We always ensure a high quality space rig. With standard technical elements.

Moreover, we have a team of experienced and professional technical staff. Handle every stage of assembly quickly.

When you come to our company you will get a space rig. Meet the standards of solidity as well as high aesthetics. With an affordable price, we always give our customers the best service. And if you have any more questions. Please contact us immediately for the most specific answer.

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