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In recent years, steel roof truss applications have been used a lot to replace materials like wood or black steel before. So what are the advantages of steel roof truss,…

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In recent years, steel roof truss applications have been used a lot to replace materials like wood or black steel before.

So what are the advantages of steel roof truss, where is the quality construction? Let’s refer to the following article!

steel roof truss

Steel Roof Truss At Tinta Company

Advantages of steel roof trusses

Staging roof steel rust permanently: Truss roof using materials aluminum alloy coated steel, coated high strength should be able antioxidant, rust over time. The outer aluminum layer also has a protective effect. Against the harshness and devastation of our climate. The next zinc layer protects the innermost steel layer if the material surface is scratched or cut. Zinc composition will create a film to protect the inner layer.

Steel roof truss is lightweight but extremely rugged design. Just ensure to reduce the weight acting on the column system, beams, foundations for the house. Just ensure resistance to storms.

– Because it is made of steel alloy, the roof truss is absolutely resistant to termites and insects.

– Designed by specialized software, the accuracy of steel roof truss is high. Minimize wasted materials wasting at the construction site. In addition, the software calculates the absolute strength for the steel structure suitable for each roof system so storm resistance is calculated. To avoid the worst probability for your home. Read more about stainless steel processing in tphcm . Processing 304 stainless steel. Processing stainless steel hcm.

steel roof truss

TINTA Jsc-Design Brand Structure Prestigious Steel Roof Frame In Vietnam

Compare steel roof trusses with other solutions?

Roof truss using bamboo and wood to roof tiles:

– Advantages: Architecture is friendly with environment, beautiful and luxurious

– Disadvantages: Easily warping, termite … The roof truss can only keep the beauty long term when periodic maintenance.

Structural roof tile truss glued concrete – Advantages: A type of roof truss with high durability and flexibility in creating roof contours. – Disadvantages: High cost, long construction, heavy roof (2.5 tons / 10m2 – 100m2 weighing 25 tons excluding supporting structures), easy to peel off tiles and leak. The concrete roof absorbs heat and anneals heat for a long time so the summer is very hot and difficult to handle to prevent heat.

Black steel roof structure with tiled roof – Advantages: Cheap price – Disadvantage: With Vietnamese climatic conditions, black steel roof truss is easy to rust, requires a lot of maintenance.

Structure of steel roof truss

With the listed advantages, steel roof truss is considered by experts to be the best roof truss in the market today. Use alloy steel, aluminum, zinc not deformed, rust or termite over time. Using the link by screw drill brings high bearing capacity. Easy to inspect and supervise to shorten construction time. This truss is 3 times lighter than black steel trusses and 25 times lighter than concrete roofs. The product is environmentally friendly and can be reused later.

steel roof truss

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Superior reasons of TINTA Vietnam?

Each construction department is TINTA Vietnam. Strictly monitored for optimal product:

– The project management team at TINTA Vietnam are source technical engineers, engineers and architects. Having many years of industry experience. Executing many projects in the country as well as internationally.

Skillful construction team. Always wholeheartedly for the ongoing steel roof trusses , bringing satisfaction to customers.

In the process of construction, there is always a team of construction inspectors, checking the work progress and quality to get the most timely and quality works.

– Always update the modern technology regularly. To bring the most modern construction techniques.

TINTA Vietnam – Where is the construction and installation of quality steel roof truss?

Tinta Stainless Steel Joint Stock Company Vietnam is a distributor specializing in distributing and installing stainless steel products on the market. With many years of operation, the philosophy of prestige is put on top. The products and services we provide bring the best quality to satisfy customers.

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