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Currently in the construction industry, steel roof trusses are becoming quite popular with every home, every building … So why is it so popular in the market? And where will…

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Currently in the construction industry, steel roof trusses are becoming quite popular with every home, every building …

So why is it so popular in the market? And where will provide the best quality steel truss ? Advantages of steel roof like, its benefits to apply in life like?

Please find out in this article by TINTA!


the best quality steel roof trusses


The advantages that steel roof truss brings

Why not choose other materials like wood or other metals and steel?

Because the use of steel roof truss has overcome most of the disadvantages such as:

  • Sure, durable, and long lasting: Steel can withstand storms, certainty, does not change over time, withstand all weather as well as temperature …
  • Able to exceed big span: serve large-scale projects.
  • Light weight: quick and easy installation.
  • Fireproof, anti-rust, anti-insect …
  • Easy repair: because the link is completely screwed.
  • Environmentally friendly: because it is extremely durable, it rarely requires replacement.
  • Highly aesthetic: can design in many different shapes and sizes to serve all tastes of every customer.
  • Cheap price: when reducing a lot of costs incurred.

And come to TINTA Vietnam to get the high quality steel roof rigs , standard.

Cheap steel truss at TINTA Vietnam.


high quality steel roof truss

Address provides prestige and quality steel roof truss in HCMC.

Tinta Vietnam Joint Stock Company is confident to be a prestigious address providing quality stainless steel truss in Ho Chi Minh City.

We have extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, constructing and installing steel roof trusses. The company’s financial strength is strong with dynamic and professional staff, engineers. We also have modern technology, closed production lines undertaken by foreign experts. We always bring you the best products and services.


Prestigious and quality steel roof in HCMC.

For more than 20 years of experience, we have gradually built and asserted TINTA Vietnam brand name in the market. TINTA products and brands are always in the list of Top 100 largest growing enterprises in Vietnam.

The company has gained many achievements in the field of construction. We will continue to strive and strive to provide our customers with the most perfect products and services at reasonable prices. Read more about stainless steel processing in tphcm. Processing 304 stainless steel. Processing stainless steel hcm .

Commitments when you use the steel roof truss at our company.

  • Is the roof truss steel stainless quality, say no to poor quality goods.
  • Free delivery, take place.
  • Construction process, quick installation, safety, high accuracy.
  • There are appropriate product warranty policies.
  • There is innovation, replacement if the product has errors caused by the manufacturer.
  • Professional staff, dedicated support free for customers.
  • Commitment to the price is cheap, the price is competitive in the market.
  • There will be regular customer appreciation programs.

Tinta Vietnam Joint Stock Company we always strive and work hard. Our main motto is: “Top quality, international standards, superior products, affordable prices”. In addition, we always respect customers, putting the word “Tin” on top. TINTA is committed to bringing customers the most satisfactory products and services.

And if you want to know more about our company, please visit the website Here you can refer to all our best quality products and services.


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