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Today, steel roof trusses are used very popular in the construction of public works, large constructions in the world and in Vietnam. Not only by the model and stable quality,…

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Today, steel roof trusses are used very popular in the construction of public works, large constructions in the world and in Vietnam. Not only by the model and stable quality, steel roof truss also attracts consumers because of its high aesthetics. Please join us to find out what the roof truss is and how outstanding it is compared to other traditional steel.

What is the roof truss

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What is a roof?

Since the 1950s, roof trusses have been applied in large works in developed countries such as Germany, the US … In recent years, steel roof trusses in Vietnam have also begun to appear. Especially in recent years, steel roof systems have gradually replaced the traditional roof structures of large works.

Roof steel truss is a truss structure system whose structural elements are subjected to multiple dimensions in space constructed from high-grade steel.

The reason why the builders chose this platform to replace the steel or roof structure as before was due to its own outstanding advantages.

The outstanding advantage of the roof steel structure is extremely solid structure, beautiful and unique architecture. It has the ability to take full advantage of the force that can greatly increase construction productivity.

What is the roof truss

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Roof trusses fit

Projects with large spaces such as theaters, toll booths, multi-purpose gyms, workshops, roofs, etc.The hip steel trusses not only meet high technical requirements but also affirm the position of works on the market

The appearance of steel rigs is considered as an optimal solution for construction efficiency, helping structuralists to solve the conundrum of large works. See more stainless steel trolleys. Quotations of stainless steel trolleys. Stainless steel industrial trolleys

What is the roof truss

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Technical structure of the roof truss.

The steel structure of its high-class roof truss is subjected to multiple forces in space. Space truss system has outstanding advantages which are solid structure, beautiful and unique architecture. Space truss structure is heavily used in the construction of public works by making the most of the working ability of the rod elements (vertical bearing) leading to safer construction.

Outstanding advantages of roof trusses in 304 stainless steel truss

Roof truss senior space of 304 stainless steel rig owns the following advantages;

Highly aesthetic, suitable for all diverse architectural needs.

The ability to beat is very large, maybe up to 100 meters, or more.

Processing and manufacturing under high environmental conditions and factory temperature.

Assembling is quick, easy and requires little professional manpower.

Easy to travel long distances.

Saving cost of steel, construction materials.

Hardness works great, against storms, earthquakes well

Weight itself small roof structure, reducing costs for body and foundation.

Advantages for the installation of technical systems in the building.

Easy to repair, replace damaged parts ….

Space roof truss

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