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With modern society today, science and technology are constantly developing, in which the architecture of the space truss system is a highlight of modern architecture. This gradually meets the ideal…

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With modern society today, science and technology are constantly developing, in which the architecture of the space truss system is a highlight of modern architecture. This gradually meets the ideal living environment and workspace for people. Let’s find out with TINTA.

Space truss system

Space Frame System

The necessity of the current space truss system

Each building, architecture when designing and building should ensure the criteria. Such as: sustainability, unique architectural aesthetic harmony and great use. And the space system has all those conditions.

In general, structure of space frame with large span span span is very necessary. And bring extremely optimal efficiency. As structure of space for stadiums. Structure of staging space for the airport. Structure of staging space for the station. Structure of staging space for museums. Or creating a space for the factory …

Space truss system

Truss At Tinta Company

With the creation of the type of roof space with mesh structure space . There are many advantages such as cheap, easy to fabricate, easy to assemble, durable, light weight. Create many architectural shapes and stand out as a structure of the space to exceed the big beat. Contribute to the completion of these works quickly, economically and flexibly.

Therefore, the research to bring the large rig structure into reality in our country today, is a necessary need.

Space truss system

TINTA Jsc-Design Brand Structure Prestigious Space Platform In Vietnam

Characteristics of the space truss system

Space truss system is a truss structure system whose structural elements are subject to force in many dimensions in space. Space frame is built on the basis of 1 element developed in 3 directions, in truss element including buttons and connecting bars.

According to the spatial structure, the parts are not in the same plane. Which spatial structure can be understood as a space bar system that makes up the large span space. This type of truss is suitable for structures with large span from 24-60 meters.

Space truss structure is much used in construction of public works. By making the most of the working ability of the rod elements, material savings and more safety.

Space truss system

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What are the advantages of TINTA space rig?

Space frame at TINTA we have many advantages such as:

  • Space truss system has solid structure. Aesthetic with beautiful and unique architecture. And optimal efficiency.
  • Easy to assemble, fabricate, help to complete big projects quickly and save more cost. Thanks to the unique characteristics that other types of structures do not. Space frame became the first choice for engineers. Gradually replaced the regular steel and concrete roof structure.
  • Meet the needs of works with large span such as gymnasiums, airports, factories, roofs …
  • With a modern compact design, the ability to easily meet the complex architectural requirements, TINTA’s space system is the first choice of modern buildings.
  • Space truss system

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TINTA Joint Stock Company is proud to be a unit producing and constructing high quality space trusses, meeting technical standards. To learn about the design and construction services of space systems , please contact us in the following ways for advice and fastest service.

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