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The article provides useful information about Smartruss roof truss system. From there help readers have more knowledge about this product before making a choice. Is a product of a new…

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The article provides useful information about Smartruss roof truss system. From there help readers have more knowledge about this product before making a choice.

Is a product of a new era, so since its inception. H Stand SMARTRUSS roof truss has been a lot of customers love and use options. So what is Smartruss? What are the advantages of this product? Join us in the article below.

Smartruss roof truss system

Smartruss System At Tinta Company

Overview of Smartruss roof truss system

Since ancient times, the slope structure is often made by our forefathers, purlins made of natural wood.

Then, under the development of science and technology. This form of roof is also made of concrete or ordinary steel structure. Although there are many improvements, but in general the above construction methods have disadvantages. About heavy weight, making the construction process difficult and expensive. Therefore, the need for lightweight roof trusses is becoming more and more urgent. That is why the Smartruss roof truss system was born.

This is a product manufactured by Blue Building Vietnam with a truss system made from galvanized steel. With many outstanding advantages, the product is considered a perfect alternative to traditional roof structures. Also very suitable for climatic conditions in our country.

Smartruss roof truss system

TINTA Jsc-Design Brand Structure Prestigious Roof System in Vietnam

Advantages of Smartruss roof truss system

A Smartruss structure consists of bars with cross section “C”. Top purlin system (for corrugated iron roof) or aluminum (for tiled roof) with Topspan section. Linking of rods is done by self-tapping screws with alloy plating. Because of that, the Smartruss roof truss system possesses many outstanding advantages, including:

– Light weight, (only 1/3 compared to black steel and 1/25 compared to concrete roof) for easy construction and installation, while reducing pressure on the foundation and frame of the house.

– Diverse designs, suitable for many spaces,

– Fast execution time, only about 7-10 days, depending on the size and construction space.

– High precision, easy to control the quality.

– Made from alloy-plated steel, providing very high corrosion resistance, thereby increasing the service life (over 20 years) and beautiful durability of the product.

– Extremely friendly with natural environment.

– Ability to reuse, save optimal cost.

– Long warranty period, up to 15 years.

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Process of implementing the Smartruss roof truss system

Step 1: Survey the space used to make a plan for designing the appropriate Smartruss roof truss system .

Step 2: Develop detailed drawings, edit details (if any) and finalize drawings.

Step 3: Prepare the materials.

Step 4: Technical team installs and installs the roof truss system.

Step 5: Check, take over and hand over the project.

Smartruss roof truss system

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Providing quality Smartruss roof truss system at TINTA

Hopefully, the information presented above will help readers better understand the Smartruss roof truss system . T yeah that extra knowledge to make a decision before choosing to use. If you still have a lot of concerns and need further advice on this matter, please contact TINTA immediately.

With reputation and many years of experience in this field, we will bring you useful advice as well as quality products.

For more information, please visit the address: https://dankhonggianinox.com/ or contact our consulting department directly for assistance.

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