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Staging space is a very familiar product in buildings, construction, … It plays an important role to increase the aesthetics in the space more attractive. In today’s article, we will…

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Staging space is a very familiar product in buildings, construction, … It plays an important role to increase the aesthetics in the space more attractive. In today’s article, we will learn abouthowspace is rigged!

Space gantry bridge system

Space Frame Structure System

Characteristics of the spatial structure system

– The load is evenly distributed in 2 directions, vertical and horizontal, all participating in bearing. 

– Lattice structure is lighter than flat structure and it has more beautiful style.

– Workers must calculate the exact structure of the space frame . To do this, it must be done with the help of structural calculation software.

– For the roof structure with large span, it will be used in the form of linked space bar system. However, it has the disadvantage that the manufacturing and assembly requires absolute accuracy. At the same time, the link buttons are a lot more complicated.

Spreader system

Space Frame Structure System At Tinta Company

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Some advantages of space structure system

  1. Durable

Light steel will be used to make steel frames for use in infrastructure works or tall buildings.

This steel has the characteristics of being subjected to heavy load continuously for many years without requiring repair or replacement. In very humid environments, it will use stainless steel, high corrosion resistance to use.  

Spreader system

TINTA Jsc-Design Brand Structure Prestigious Space Platform In Vietnam

  1. Flexibility

One of the outstanding advantages of the space system is its high flexibility. It can be fabricated to any customer request specification.

Therefore, with the special steel structure design, it is firmly “strong” in the face of strong winds or earthquakes. Products are most applicable in large construction models. 

  1. Absolute toughness

The flexibility of the spatial structure allows engineers to freely create. They easily crafted buildings with unique shapes – strange, outstanding thanks to the ability of the steel to bend.

  1. Temporary structure

The design of the steel spatial structure was built with the help of various methods. These can be riveted and welded easily.

This helps reduce the time to create temporary structures. As a result, steelmakers often choose to use steel frames for temporary structures. This approach is very beneficial when users only want to have a solid structure in just the shortest time. 

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Construction systems where space structure prestige?

One of the locations of space construction in Ho Chi Minh City that many people choose is Vietnam TINTA. With over 10 years of operation in supplying and constructing space frames nationwide. We understand what our customers need most when designing and constructing the space frame.

Always take the maxim: Put the interests of the customer first. Vietnam TINTA strives to improve its service and perfect product quality. So when you have been using our staging space, you won’t get anywhere else.

Space truss structure system

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

Team of workers with professionalism for many years, each stage is made very detailed and meticulous. We ensure the space structure is the most solid and the most prominent highlight.

Space truss products are made of high quality steel material, ensuring durability and durability over time. In addition, the construction cost or buying individual products is extremely affordable. If in need, call us for support advice and quotation as soon as possible!


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