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The current trend of living space design is to roof on the terrace. Surely a lot of people are looking for sleek applications to apply right? Today I will show…

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The current trend of living space design is to roof on the terrace. Surely a lot of people are looking for sleek applications to apply right? Today I will show you some examples of rooftop terraces that should be done this year.

Terrace roof image

Image Of Rooftop Terrace At Tinta Company

The most beautiful rooftop terrace images in 2019

  1. Metal frame roof:

This design is suitable for young people. The product has a very simple color design and shape. Users can customize the appropriate light mode. To use it, you have to use the remote control and press the button.

  1. Wooden canopy:

As one of the most popular roof-top images in recent years. This roof pattern is designed firmly against the wall so it is very solid.

Wood will bring warm and elegant feeling to the whole house. In addition it also helps very good sun protection, creating cool for the terrace.

Terrace roof image

TINTA Jsc-Design Brand Structure Prestigious Space Platform In Vietnam

  1. Mobile roof with sliding doors:

Ideal solution for perfect space with wind-driven housing design. This way of designing the roof of the terrace helps to avoid wind and sunlight. Its advantage is that you can customize the direction comfortably. This helps the air intake space be the most convenient. Because it has many modern features, easy and convenient installation, the design cost is quite high.

  1. Mobile glass roof:

The best choice for those who want to enjoy the natural light without fear of rain and wind. Like above, the design of mobile glass roofs is quite expensive. So when you do, you need to consider carefully.

  1. Awning with canvas:

This trend of designing images of rooftop terrace is suitable for apartments with awnings. This model is quite cheap design, easy to install and very flexible to use.

Terrace roof image

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Why need roof mounting?

The reasonable roof layout will help you own a great relaxing space. In addition to protecting the rain and sun, it also helps the terrace to become more attractive and luxurious.

Today, not only the construction of the roof image . There are many types of roofs for garages, restaurants, hotels, etc. Customers are more likely to use canvas material than plastic or corrugated glass.

Explain that tarpaulin roofs are highly flexible, can be retracted when not in use. Especially, when moving very easily, do not encroach on space and cause problems when used.

No matter how you choose the roof material, a roof installation is essential. Because it ensures ruggedness, cool and suitable for modern living spaces.

Terrace roof image

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Where roof construction is most prestigious and beautiful?

If you do not know where to design and execute the best and best roof terrace, immediately contact Vietnam TINTA for advice and answers to choose the appropriate model.

Rated by customers as an extremely prestigious and innovative place in installing roofs for rooftop. TINTA possesses a skilled, enthusiastic team with the knowledge of installing thousands of rooftop roofs. We believe that giving you the most perfect service.

We meet all your requirements for roof installation  . We ensure the elements are solid, cool and consistent. For further information, please contact:


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