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In today’s architecture industry, spatial structures are often creative and modern. The purpose of setting up the spatial structure helps the works achieve the most perfect and solid space.  One…

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In today’s architecture industry, spatial structures are often creative and modern. The purpose of setting up the spatial structure helps the works achieve the most perfect and solid space.  One of the spatial structures being used by many constructions is the lobby structure . To give you a better understanding, we will introduce this type of structure. Please find out and refer to it.


Construction works to use is the lobby roof structure

What is the hallway structure ?

Hall structure  is a form of using tempered glass placed on steel frames to form a roof. They are usually located on terraces or awnings. In office buildings, high-rise buildings, commercial centers, railway stations. Or in households, mini apartments or some amusement parks.

The structure of the hall top is made of tempered glass

Because the use of floor glass roof lobby brings modern, stylish and new. At the same time, it is luxurious, safe. There are quite a number of large and small constructions used for their design and construction. In addition, this type of roof floor is also highly aesthetic. Open up a perfect space for architectural buildings.

The structure of the lobby attic includes what

Glass floor roof floor has 2 types of fixed and mobile. Mobile roofs are operated by automatic type or by mechanical push. However, both types have the following in common:

  • Designed sliding shape 2 panels or 3 panels, 4 plates, flat or arch sliding, …
  • The materials used to make glass lobby roof: are stainless steel, stainless steel or aluminum, aluminum system, tempered glass, insulated glass, ..
  • A special feature is that tempered glass is treated at very high temperatures and cooled quickly with compressed air. Creating surface tension, increasing resistance to impact force.
  • In addition, the strength of the glass floor roof is also when the glass is glued together. This will increase the safety of the glass roof.
  • Of the two types, automatic glass-roofed ceilings are used by more people. Due to many advantages that bring high efficiency in design and construction.

Advantages of the lobby structure

The structure of the lobby ceiling  has many outstanding advantages. Help customers can choose the most appropriate way.

  • It can block rain, wind, sun and dirt.
  • Get natural sunlight into your home. So it will expand the visibility and projection space into the house.
  • Save energy and prevent harmful light from outside into the house.
  • The glass lobby roof floor reduces strong light shining directly into the door. Bring a comfortable space, airy.
  • Another advantage is that the glass roof is difficult to stick to dirt, can be easily cleaned, and offers high aesthetics.

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Which units install the lobby rooftop

On the market today, precisely because there are many needs to use the structure of the lobby roof . So there are quite a few units supplying this product to meet that demand.


Machining stainless steel flagpole in tphcm

One of the reputable brand companies in the installation of glass floor roof deck. It is a TINTA joint stock company. With many years of professional experience and a team of professional working staff, our company is proud of our customers’ absolute trust.

Benefits when installing the structure of the lobby attic at TINTA

  • You will be consulted and answered all questions by our company staff.
  • The installation price of the lobby attic will always be the most competitive and the most affordable.

So what are you waiting for. Please contact us immediately. For the earliest and best support offline.


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