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In the current era, the economy is growing. Therefore, human life is improved and improved more and more. Especially, the space and construction design sector is more and more modern…

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In the current era, the economy is growing. Therefore, human life is improved and improved more and more. Especially, the space and construction design sector is more and more modern and creative. Getting a perfect space requires a lot of factors. If you do not know these factors, please refer to the article below.


To have the perfect space, many factors are needed

1. What is a perfect space?

For each person, each family, every group has different eyes and different views of perfect space . There are many people who like classical and artistic spaces. But some people like modern, luxurious and polite.

However, they all have one thing in common. Space is called perfect when you think about it, in which you feel really comfortable, beautiful and happy. The interior of the interior is decorated and furnished appropriately with that space.


One of the types of space truss currently used a lot and popular is the stainless steel truss. You can consult and find out at our website: See also 304 stainless steel flagpole . cot co inox tphcm. Machining stainless steel flagpole in tphcm.

2. Perfect space design ways

Redesign the window frame accordingly

With any perfect space , the window is always an important point in the design of construction. It is central to creating indoor air circulation.

You should avoid designing multiple windows in the house as this will disturb the balance of the space. The atmosphere will become more tense, not comfortable. On the contrary, you should not have  too few windows, it will make the air confined and uncomfortable.


How is a space?

Reconstructing another space truss on the upper floor

Currently many houses or companies on the upper floors do not have the perfect space . If you are not satisfied with your space, you should revise and rebuild the other space . This makes offices and houses new. In addition, you will be more creative and have new sources of energy from the surrounding air.


Re-construct the other space trusses accordingly

Redesigned some rooms without perfect space

If in your house, you still do not see the ventilation, comfort. Please change some furniture or space of some rooms. With changing living room, you should make a window bigger or smaller. Or a living space with more natural sunlight.

You can change a few small flower pots by the window. Flowers and bonsai create a cool feeling and create a sense of closeness to nature.

Or at companies, you can change the desk set, the interior of it to have a more perfect space. A spacious and airy room makes working more efficient and productive.

Address prestigious construction quality stainless steel space installation?

You plan to create the perfect space by installing and installing stainless steel space frame ? Please choose our company-TINTA corporation. 

TINTA has many years of professional experience with professional staff. Certainly TINTA will help you get the most beautiful space, the most suitable for you.

3. What do you get when coming to TINTA to have the perfect space?

  • You will receive advice, answer questions from consultants in our company. Our staff will guide and understand how to design space for you.
  • We will come to your place to review and create a detailed plan to make the construction process more accurate. 
  • Our stainless steel space installation price is extremely preferential as well as the most affordable in the market.

So what else do you hesitate. Please contact us for the best support offline.


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