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Currently, not only the new households have the need to install the roof of the terrace but also be applied to large projects and works such as commercial centers, gymnasiums,…

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Currently, not only the new households have the need to install the roof of the terrace but also be applied to large projects and works such as commercial centers, gymnasiums, factories … With a large scale , requiring high accuracy the application of roof space trusses is the most perfect choice.

To better understand the method and address of this prestigious installation. Please follow along with us for the following article.

installation of roof terrace

Roof Installation At Tina Company

Why should install roof terrace

The roof canopy sheds light on the sun, rain and wind for the roof and balcony space. With the use of sunshade, rain cover for the terrace space. Roofs are considered indispensable during construction. Application in life helps create a cool, quiet space to rest. And relax after a long day at work. In addition, for large projects also require a roof on the roof. Contribute to creating a beautiful, luxurious space, consistent with the design of the whole project.

Methods of installing rooftop roof truss space

– Removable bulkhead method

The high-bay mounting method requires a lot of techniques. When installing, it will have to build the working platform to near the construction location. To avoid affecting the life of the workstation, it is required to ensure safety and sustainability.

– Methods of mounting in segments or blocks

The method of installing each segment or block then linking together is very convenient. There are advantages of easy assembly, construction, and movement that should be considered one of the top choices. The ends of the sections and blocks are linked by bolts and have a scaffolding system supporting to make the installation process safer and faster.

– Method of crane mounted whole block

The method of full-scale crane is often used less often than the above two methods. Use a crane to move, install the roof into position according to the design of the terrace. Depending on the weight of the roof we decide to use one or more cranes.

installation of roof terrace

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Brand Design of Roof Structure of Prestige Terrace in Vietnam

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Address installation roof terrace truss space prestige

With these works add a roof terrace simple at home is not that difficult to install. However, for large projects, space frames require a lot of high technology, it is much more difficult, so it is very important to choose a reputable construction address.

Currently, there are many addresses on the market receiving roof roof installation, but the most outstanding of which is not to mention TINTA Joint Stock Company. With over 10 years of experience, TINTA has won many awards, big and small. And is the top address experts appreciate. When customers come to TINTA have the opportunity to receive the best services, with great incentives such as:

+ Providing diverse services and products. Support customers from A – Z works from design – production – construction – installation.

+ Successful implementation of many large projects. With an international stature like the project: Samsung Thai Nguyen, the Oceanami Resort project of international class

+ Having a team of professional and skillful workers to ensure compliance with the requirements of customers.

installation of roof terrace

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Above are the methods of installing rooftop roof truss as well as prestigious construction address.

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