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As some information from the website, we can know clearly about the importance of using tempered glass roof . Not only ensures safety for many impacts, aesthetics for the house…

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As some information from the website, we can know clearly about the importance of using tempered glass roof . Not only ensures safety for many impacts, aesthetics for the house but also helps to increase brightness.

tempered glass roof

Tempered Glass Roof

Should use safety glass roof, convenient

Tempered glass roof is a type of roof using frames to assemble and support, taking tempered glass as the main material in the structure.

In addition, it is possible to use other materials such as safety laminated or normal laminated glass.

To fix pieces of tempered glass, people use frames to assemble and support glass. The frame used to fix glass is usually made from steel powder coated to prevent rust, aluminum frames or stainless steel frames.

tempered glass roof

Toughened Glass Roof At Tinta Company

Tempered glass roof is very safe to use, due to its durability and longevity, the design is diverse. In addition, the toughened glass roof is designed with steel arm, stainless steel for shaping in combination with bearing cable. Tempered glass is not only traditional white, but also colored glass with 10 tempered glass.

Therefore, it is absolutely safe to use, has a high durability and a more elegant aesthetic compared to the previous roof, with a pre-aesthetic roof that is not high, but also limits the visibility of light. Through the above details, it is clear that the use of tempered glass roof is a perfect choice in architectural design of buildings.

tempered glass roof

TINTA Jsc-Prestigious Design Design of Prestigious Tempered Glass Roof In Vietnam

Interior detail of tempered glass roof

If the previous roof, the roof is usually made of aluminum, plastic roof, or brick roof. And over time, the roof types began to gradually reveal many inadequacies, so these types of roofs are no longer used by common limitations such as: Construction time will be difficult and longer. with tempered glass roofs. Not only that, when the roof is damaged it will be difficult to repair and clean.

Interior details of the roof include the frame bearing system of iron, stainless steel, aluminum, … Especially the stainless steel bearing frame because it can resist rust. Bearing frames combined with tempered glass surfaces or laminated safety glass, accompanied by other additional accessories.

Tempered glass roof combined with iron frames. Tempered glass roof uses spider legs. Glass roof using cable car. Curved tempered glass roof combines spider and iron rods, …

tempered glass roof

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Why choose TINTA designed toughened glass roof?

With high safety features, resistant to impact, bearing, heat. Toughened glass roof is gradually becoming popular today. Because it’s made of glass, it’s easy to clean without removing it. Also can take advantage of sunlight, is resistant to vibration.

TINTA was chosen as one of the major designers. With many designs and large and small constructions, large scale across the country. We have conquered designers and investors as well as customers to use for years. We are also considered as a place chosen by many investors. As designers who create a high level for the works.

Tinta construction procedures when designing toughened glass roof?

After receiving the request, the architects who have experience in the design will survey the building. Advise customers on the best design and construction process. Avoid causing great risks during construction.

Before construction we will quote the best price. Then we started to enforce with a number of warranty policies for customers.

tempered glass roof

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

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Toughened glass roof is our company for the product design safety. Suitable and meet the needs of the market. Technical, safety and aesthetics. For customers who want to design tempered glass roof please contact the website: Dankhonggianinox.com or contact the phone number: 0987 636 779. Sincere thanks.

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