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Today, glass is a dominant material because of the many benefits it offers. And the glass roof is widely used in building architecture because of its beauty and use, making…

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Today, glass is a dominant material because of the many benefits it offers. And the glass roof is widely used in building architecture because of its beauty and use, making the building more luxurious and more modern.

Tinta Company is a company specialized in receiving and supplying products about glass roofs, glass roofs, tempered glass roofs, construction and civil greenhouses. Join us to learn about this kind of roof.

glass roof

Glass Roof

Why choose glass roof?

M charity cover glass can be used in areas where space as comfortable main lobby of the high-rise buildings to areas with a small area such as roof tum, skylights … Sheds are used primarily made of tempered glass and constructed on iron frames, stainless steel or concrete piles with firm reinforcement. – The use of tempered glass roof in the house not only adds sophistication but also makes your living space more spacious and brighter. – Glass used as a roof is tempered glass that is passed through the treatment furnace at high temperatures and cooled quickly with air to create surface tension, thereby helping to increase bearing capacity, impact resistance and breakage due to thermal stress.

glass roof

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Advantages of a glass roof

Glass roofs are widely used in architectural construction with many advantages such as:

– Helps to shield against rain and wind, adjust refraction of light into the house.

– Help more natural light, reduce glare and prevent harmful light.

– Safety for the user

– High durability, no need for regular maintenance or replacement like other types of roof.

– Compact design, luxury, aesthetics and bring economic value to your home.

– Easy and quick construction

– Very easy to clean, shiny surface but do not need to pay attention to the surface when cleaning.

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glass roof

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Application of glazed roof in life

This type of roof has many applications, such as:

– Tempered glass roofs are often used in residential areas and roadside. Or the adjacent houses do not have enough space. Lack of natural light, air mixed.

– Used in glass buildings such as commercial centers, restaurants, hotels, offices, … To get natural light, and design consistent materials for glass buildings

– Toughened glass roof has just the aesthetic to create a beautiful space. Luxurious modern and impressive, full of natural light. Helps expand the space and save energy for the house.

glass roof

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

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To be more convenient for customers in choosing construction, installing glass roofs. We provide you with basic information about this roof.

Hopefully with that information. Customers can choose for their apartment a kind of tempered glass roof that best suits.

Our company TINTA specializes in providing all kinds of glass roofs, genuine tempered awnings. Quality assurance to every customer across the country. Our roof models are constructed with genuine standard assembly. Bring an absolute security to our customers. If you need to buy the product.

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