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Rooftop staircase roof , also known as sky stairs, is a plan that many families apply to cover rain and sun, and also to get light. To optimize performance, arrange…

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Rooftop staircase roof , also known as sky stairs, is a plan that many families apply to cover rain and sun, and also to get light.

To optimize performance, arrange a roof between the house and on the stairs. The most chosen option helps to distribute the light evenly inside the house. Or both positions at the same time between the middle and the back of the house.

Terrace roof terrace

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The use of roof terrace terrace?

Rooftop stairs roof is a technical and artistic architectural solution. For a modern townhouse space. Not only does it help catch light, get wind and exchange gas between inside and outside the house. It also creates an impressive highlight for your home.

Therefore, the roof design is in line with aesthetic and feng shui standards. The problem that many people need to consider the most. For short-tube houses, using a roof only addresses the hot air outlet in the house. Also take the wind to get horizontally. If the house has many floors, it is possible to get more horizontal wind in the upper floor with an empty room without partitions or yard. For long tube houses, use two roofs in the middle and at the end of the house.

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Terrace roof terrace

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Design roof roof terrace so beautiful?

There are many ways to beautify the roof of the terrace and there are two main places for beauty:

– Top of the canopy:

You can decorate with the roof frame itself, iron flowers on the roof top. Or hanging lights or decorations here. When there is sunlight shining on the wall will be very beautiful. To reduce the brightness of the roof, colored materials can be used. Just create enough brightness to cool the interior space of the house.

To increase the capacity of the roof, it is advisable to use a glass or plastic roof to easily absorb and exchange light, but must have an iron frame to help protect the roof of the stairs more safely.

– The bottom of the roof

The bottom of the roof of a staircase can be a garden, a dry garden, a small landscape, an aquarium, a rockery … You should invest in designing a small landscape under the “bottom” so that the roof is the best relaxing space for you. House. Maybe a little creeper, a rockery that fits into the space, or a small aquarium will create an impressive, dramatic natural setting.

TINTA company with many years of experience in designing, consulting and designing stairs is very prestigious, will bring beauty and comfort to your home. Come with us, you always feel secure about the product quality as well as extremely preferential prices, along with a staff of professional, enthusiastic and highly specialized, will make you satisfied.

Terrace roof terrace

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How to put the roof on the terrace stairs?

Typically, to maximize the efficiency. Roofs of terrace stairs are usually located in the middle of the house. Because that position can take advantage of three sides (one side is usually adjacent to the border). For bedrooms, restrooms, stairs, hallways … or other functional rooms. This position will make the roof attract vision. Impressive visual and easy to invest, take care of more beautiful. Make even large spaces like living room, kitchen … also more beautiful.

Above is some helpful information about the roof of the staircase that TINTA sends to you. If customers need to design or buy a roof. Quickly contact us to receive the best deals and support offline.

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