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The roof of the stairs , also known as the skylight roof, is an outstanding product produced, distributed and installed by TINTA. With rugged and flexible structure, the roof of…

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The roof of the stairs , also known as the skylight roof, is an outstanding product produced, distributed and installed by TINTA. With rugged and flexible structure, the roof of the staircase (the roof of the skylight) provides intelligent and creative architectural solutions for people. It has become a necessary construction trend for cramped, street-facing houses.

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Tinta Stair Roof At Tinta Company

TINTA – a unit that directly manufactures, distributes and installs the roof of stairs (skylights roof)

TINTA is a leader in the field of manufacturing space trusses and mobile roof trusses. Among the types of mobile roof truss products, the product of stair treads (skylights roof) is the product that TINTA has focused on production. With many years of operation, TINTA has been trusted by many domestic and foreign customers as the main supplier of all kinds of mobile roof products, space trusses, aesthetic domes … TINTA produces to meet the needs of consumers in terms of quality, durability and price.

Highlights of TINTA staircase roof

  • Has high flexibility
  • Produced on modern technology lines
  • Diverse models including fixed , mobile and intelligent staircase roof
  • Made from high quality ingredients
  • Good weather resistance outside
  • Easy to use with remote control
  • Easy construction and installation repair
  • Good light penetration, good sound insulation
  • Long-term use
  • Resistant to inclement weather
Tinta staircase roof

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Brand Design of Prestige Roof in Vietnam

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Structure of a staircase roof (skylight roof)

  • The glass roof can be either automatic or mechanically pushed
  • The skeleton design is carefully reinforced
  • Iron frame or high quality stainless steel aluminum
  • Material of safety glass, tempered glass, insulated glass
  • Tempered glass or laminated safety glass

In modern house architecture often cramped and lack of light. Skylights are designed to bring natural light to the whole house. It can be said that the roof of the stairs and the roof of the skylight are a great combination between two separate structures but they have a close relationship with each other.

When space is needed, skylights can be combined with a space in the middle or next to the staircase. If the house has stairs go to one side and change floors. Or the form of stairs will create an oblique form of skylights. The use of skylights is convenient for vision, ventilation is also better. Therefore, the skylight with a fixed roof or automatic roof and stairs below is linked together to bring natural space harmonious to receive wind and natural light.

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Contact the company hotline TINTA: 028 66736186 – 0987636779 

Why you should choose TINTA to install the roof of the stairs

  • Active for many years in the field of manufacturing and installation of various types of roof support should be advising customers to choose the type of roof space suit .
  • Genuine products, good quality
  • The team of skilled construction workers and installers has a high responsibility in the work
  • Guaranteed materials should be durable
  • Competitive price
  • 2 year warranty

All information about the product of stairs (skylights roof)  customers please contact the hotline: 0084 28 66736186 – 0084 987636779 for advice specific support. TINTA believes in giving customers absolute satisfaction when using our products. With the warranty support after consulting, installing products, TINTA always accompanies customers in all provinces and cities nationwide. Please contact us when you need.

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