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Before getting into the house, we have to go through the gate. It can be said that the main gate is the main face of living space. In the past,…

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Before getting into the house, we have to go through the gate. It can be said that the main gate is the main face of living space. In the past, there was the saying “closed high wall” with the meaning that the family will be richer and more prosperous.

So what is the gate? Why do we need to make a beautiful porch ? All will be explained further below:

beautiful gate roof

Gate Roof At Tinta Company

What is a beautiful porch? Importance of a roof for gates

Gate also known as household guard – the most important part of the house. From a physical angle, the gate is only a partition between the space inside and outside the house. But according to feng shui, the main gate is the source to bring wealth or bring bad luck to homeowners.

Therefore, designing a beautiful porch  is an essential job for any house. Whether popular, traditional, modern or luxurious, … if you know how to put the gate in the right position, the fortune will come to you more.

Many people just think that a gate is okay without a roof. However, do you see why big houses make a porch? It all has that cause!

Why do you have to make beautiful porch roof for your house?

Temporarily ignoring the feng shui problem, making a roof for the gate of the house gives a lot of practical meaning, because:

– Creating greater safety. Outsiders cannot look at the house, which avoids many bad problems happening.

– Enhance the aesthetics of living space as a unified block. Especially the garden villas, houses built in royal style, …

beautiful gate roof

TINTA Jsc-Design Brand Structure Prestige Roof Cover In Vietnam

– Bring comfort in the living process, beautiful porch roof also helps cover rain and sun effectively.

– It is the ideal choice for gates made of iron, wood, aluminum, … that limit damage and increase long service life.

Looking at feng shui, as I said above, the roof of the gate is the source of fortune. It helps protect family members to be safest. Also a place to increase the prosperity of the whole house. Making a nice roof for the gate doesn’t take too long, why should you hesitate?

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Location design and construction of beautiful port roofs prestige – quality

Choosing a professional place to install a nice roof for the gate is very important. Because if you choose the wrong place will cause many problems during the construction process.

– First: they do not know how to design, create a suitable roof

– Second: The roof material they choose is not up to the standard

– Finally : expensive price, work without responsibility

These are problems that many people have encountered when not understanding thoroughly where specialized construction of the roof for the gate. To avoid this situation, you should come to Vietnam TINTA – A famous place with many construction models and providing excellent port roofs in Vietnam.

beautiful gate roof

Contact the company hotline TINTA: 028 66736186 – 0987636779 

The great advantages when installing port roof in Vietnam TINTA:

– The roof is made of stainless steel material No. 1 today

– Apply a closed production process, with machinery imported from abroad

– Engineers are highly qualified, specialized, knowledgeable about every position, how to design and install. All are extremely extremely replica for the overall roof + gate + the most perfect house.

– Enthusiastic counselor and support staff, help you find a gate cover model that fits the house design.

– Construction and installation costs are extremely affordable. Commitment to the best price on the market.

Moreover, we always take the brand reputation to work. We will take full responsibility for the construction of the beautiful porch roof before and after. Whatever happens, Vietnam TINTA will assist you to solve it as soon as possible.


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