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Today, there are many customers who use rolling roof products because of the convenience and many benefits. So, what are the characteristics of the rolling roof? Let’s take a look…

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Today, there are many customers who use rolling roof products because of the convenience and many benefits. So, what are the characteristics of the rolling roof? Let’s take a look through the sharing below!

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Characteristics of rolling roofs

The structure of rolling roofs is usually neat and usable for large areas, reasonable prices. When there are storms, you have to roll up to avoid damage. The rewinding is also quite easy and quick.

With crank design, you just need to stand still and make a spin. Collecting covered roof in a simple and gentle way.

– Most of the roof installation frames are made of stainless steel frame material covered with stainless steel or solid aluminum alloy, solidly making users comfortable to use without worrying about the harsh weather of our country.

rolling roof

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Read more about stainless steel processing in tphcm . Processing 304 stainless steel. Processing stainless steel hcm.

Advantages of rolling roofs

Bench cover integrated all functions. Such as wind, sun, rain, dust … in a single design. Thanks to good shielding ability, high safety. Roofs limit failures, increase the life of items under the eaves like vehicles. washing machine, blower, air conditioner …

– Designed smart very easy to roll up or drop down to cover the sun, rain and wind. Make users do not need much effort. Suitable for both old and young.

The roof is  suitable for many installation areas such as family awnings, balconies, restaurants, cafes, gardens, factories, offices, or used as temporary partitions in production workshops and manufacturing workshops. go …

– Thanks to the spring in the roller, the roof is always beautiful, without wrinkles and folds. Reducing dust accumulation on the roof causes loss of aesthetics.

– The price of a roof is not high due to the compact, simple design. Easy to transport, install and install roofs with little effort. Parts are produced domestically, so it’s easy to replace. When you do not want to use it, the dismantling is simple. Does not affect the aesthetics of the balcony, awning, …

Roll roofs have a sustainable lifespan not inferior to other fixed roofs. Diverse roofing materials from PE material, coated with PVC not only prevent rain and sun, but also prevent heat absorption. These materials use 2, 3 years of color retention, even the thick PVC layer makes the roof bright as new after a few years of use if you know how to preserve it well.

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Distribution, installation of reputable bench cover?

Ho Chi Minh City market now has hundreds of units that provide rolling roofs and other types of roofs. However, not all suppliers fully meet the criteria of durability – beauty – cheapness like Tinta Vietnam Stainless Steel Joint Stock Company . As a reputable enterprise in the market, not only is the roof line, but also many other design and construction products, TINTA Vietnam is confident to satisfy all customers when using our products.

With the criteria always for the benefit of customers and the company’s reputation, TINTA Vietnam hopes to always be a reliable companion for the development of customers at any time.

We specialize in installing and distributing rolling roofs, outdoor roofs, tempered glass roofs, school yard roofs … with many designs, high quality and the most reasonable price. With a team of rich design ideas, professional style is ready to please the most demanding guests.

rolling roof

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