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Nowadays, mobility devices are the choice of many people. It meets the general requirements of the modern life that people are aiming for. The more flexible a product is, the…

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Nowadays, mobility devices are the choice of many people. It meets the general requirements of the modern life that people are aiming for. The more flexible a product is, the more convenient it will be to use and use it. 

Among these modern products, not to mention mobile roof . In Ho Chi Minh City, mobile roofs are very popular.

mobile roof

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Brand Design of Prestige Roof in Vietnam

Overview of mobile roofs

Flexible, durable and strong. Many people use a roof to provide shade. And reduce the feeling of discomfort caused by the weather in the city. HCM. It has become a common trend of many individuals, organizations and units. When you want to own a modern roof, but no less fashionable.

Currently, roofing products are flooding the market. Makes users difficult to choose and use. How to buy cheap mobile roofs of reputable units, quality assurance. And a good warranty after the purchase is something not everyone knows.

If you do not know TINTA will answer for you. But first, let TINTA briefly introduce about mobile roof products. See what they stand out that so many people search and use.

Advantages of mobile roofs

Mobile roofs are simple in structure, they are formed from racks made from different materials such as stainless steel, aluminum. Anodized on the surface, it is hard to be scratched or oxidized.

Highly durable products are less likely to fade when colored by applying nickel to the surface. In addition , the mobile awning is also linked from the high-definition aluminum rods that are durable and extremely strong.

Tarpaulin material can cover up to 98% of rain and sun, so it will ensure the coolness for a soft covering space throughout the day. When using, users only need remote control if it supports automatic control buttons or mechanical operations to roll or open the roof.

mobile roof

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Place to install mobile roof

  • Garden
  • Grocery
  • Phonestore
  • Hotel
  • Villa
  • Restaurant
  • Residential office
  • House

Why should choose TINTA mobile roof to use

The roof has all the characteristics of a smart but no less luxurious, modern roof. As a user, you will want to use a good quality mobile roof, but it must be cheap.

If the mobile awning distribution unit satisfies those criteria, customers will choose to use it. And none other than TINTA is the unit that fully meets the needs of customers to help them psychologically comfortable and financially satisfied when they use the TINTA roof.

TINTA – TINTA Vietnam Stainless Steel Joint Stock Company specializes in manufacturing and supplying directly to the market of cheap mobile roof products in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

TINTA has a lot of experience in the field of manufacturing all kinds of space roofs, so TINTA has enough confidence and affirms that it will provide customers with the highest aesthetic, space and mobile roof products. have the best quality and value.

mobile roof

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

TINTA Vietnam Joint Stock Company – The most prestigious quality space platform 

TINTA intelligent roof meets all strict requirements from the user. Before commencing construction, TINTA will come to the site to survey, provide specific drawings so that customers can own roof products suitable for living space, working space.

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