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In modern house models, skylights act like windows or open cells … helping to circulate the air of the house. Skylights are considered parts to welcome light and fresh air…

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In modern house models, skylights act like windows or open cells … helping to circulate the air of the house. Skylights are considered parts to welcome light and fresh air from nature into the house.

In addition, there is also a trend in the current tube houses. By the nature of circulation and air circulation is very good. The roof not only helps to protect the inner space. But also help the interior of the house more prominent. Invite you to join us to find out the smart roof solution smartest and most economical today.

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Optimal characteristics of the roof of a skylight.

In order for the skylight to perform the roles such as bringing light, circulating air … It first needs to be equipped with a protective roof for the house.

On the other hand, because of direct contact with the external environment. So the skylight is also the place that is most affected by the weather. Therefore, the roof of the skylight appears to prevent natural damage to the house.

Thus, the roof was born to help prevent the sky from storms. Ensure that light enters the house flexibly. Designing intelligent roofing models today is often expandable, flexible according to consumer needs.

For better roof strength and high light transmittance, high- top skylights are usually manufactured from Polycarbonate roofing sheets and tempered glass. The advantage of Polycarbonate plastic is the ability to adjust the light refracted into the house depending on the sun’s direction. Thanks to the anti-UV layer on the glass surface. This solution prevents the causative agents of skin cancer. And protect the health of family members.

skylight roof

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The process of building the best roof well.

An economical and quality assurance skylight construction process . Usually will go through 3 steps as follows. Roof design: the engineering team will base on the size of the skylight and the aesthetic needs of consumers to proceed to the most perfect roof design. From there they can determine the size and shape. And the material makes the roof affordable for your family’s economy.

Processing and installation: Construction is carried out cutting the support frame. And the roof part from the index of the design. Support frame is the main and most important part. It can be installed in a variety of directions such as: automatic, semi-automatic or in arch or straight structure. And that corresponds to the roof shape.

Decoration, acceptance and delivery of products. With skylights after being constructed, you can decorate and beautify at the wall area of ​​the house. Right from the processing, you can decorate with many different motifs. At the end of the process, customers receive the most satisfactory and satisfied skylights products .

skylight roof

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Where to buy roof top wells and reputable quality assurance.

Stainless steel space frame 304 is a facility specializing in designing, supplying and installing skylights. The top guarantee in Ho Chi Minh City today. We are proud to have brought the most optimal product selection according to customer needs in the market.

Above is the most helpful information on the current optimal roof solution.

Hopefully 304 stainless steel space frame will be the choice to ensure product quality meets your goals.

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