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Today the installation of mica roof has become a trend in the market. With outstanding features and affordable prices, this product has been dominating the market. Let’s explore the stainless…

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Today the installation of mica roof has become a trend in the market. With outstanding features and affordable prices, this product has been dominating the market. Let’s explore the stainless steel space rig with a closer look at this product soon.

mica roof

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Learn about mica roofs

Certainly many customers are still wondering about what mica roof is actually made of, what are their advantages …. Hopefully through this article, the stainless steel space frame will bring you. Customers much useful information.

What is a mica roof?

Mica roof is a product with the main component of hot, transparent plastic, dominating the market, gradually replacing the glass roof panels. The roof has a variety of colors, so it’s easy to find and use.

Advantages of a mica roof

Mica roof with characteristics of flexible plastic should be light and easy to transport, install and shape

Flat, transparent surface should absorb good light, if you know how to use it will make your space warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making the most of the natural light source.

Diverse colors, suitable for every space in your house

Plastic material brings durability and high heat resistance for the product

Especially safe because it does not conduct heat, conduct electricity, so please be assured when choosing a mica roof for house space and constructions.

mica roof

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Application of mica cover in life

It is not difficult to encounter products made from mica roofs in our daily life, they are used to make skylights for skylights in multi-storey houses, to get natural light, used. to make roofs, roofs for works, design as trays, roofs to cover advertising products in fairs, trade centers, as roofs for outdoor events …..

The note when choosing to buy mica roof

Due to be commonly used in the market for the product should roofs are also very vulnerable to counterfeiting, imitations with poor quality but sold at high prices in order to deceive consumers.

Therefore, in order to buy quality mica roof products , customers should pay attention to the shape and design of the product. Real products will have clear color and smooth surface. No scratches due to the careful manufacturing and shipping process.

The fake products will have poor quality designs and not have enough warranty stamps. Manufacturer’s stamps as well as anti-counterfeiting stamps. And do not provide complete information of origin for users as real products.

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mica roof

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