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With the development of the society today, the demand for using sunshades of Vietnamese people is also increasing. Because they bring many utilities that not all products have. So what…

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With the development of the society today, the demand for using sunshades of Vietnamese people is also increasing. Because they bring many utilities that not all products have.


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So what are the great sunshades for human life today? Join us to explore and learn specifically through the following article.

Unknown things about the sun roof

Canopy or many people called the porch. As an overlay attached to the outside wall of the building.

Currently, there are many types of awnings, the most common is still mobile awnings. Is a sheet made of canvas to protect against rain and sun with high thermal insulation

Although the canopy is a sunshade product. But now it is also considered as a tool to beautify the space outside houses, cafes, restaurants …

Sunshades now have many types. Such as canvas sunshades, awnings, folding roof, corrugated iron roof …. With many pros and cons. Depending on the needs and purposes of use, customers can choose for themselves a suitable product

To better understand this product, Why are many customers so popular in the market? Let’s explore the benefits of a roof now!

Benefits of sunshades in life

Awnings are one of the indispensable items for business shops. Like all other areas of life with unexpected benefits such as:

  • Sunshades help paint the color of the building does not fade, soaked in hot weather. Or heavy rain helps protect your building long term.
  • Contribute to creating aesthetics for buildings, houses … You can install the roof on the balcony, on the terrace or in front of the house.
  • If you use a roof, you will save a lot of construction costs. Compared with the installation of fixed corrugated iron roof.
  • On this day, the roof is cleverly designed and can be moved anywhere. You can easily pull in and out without needing too much effort.

We see that familiar mobile roofs are installed in buildings. Not simply for sun, rain, but also many other benefits. Therefore, the demand for sun roof installation is currently increasing significantly. The search for a construction site to install quality sunshades is essential nowadays.


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Prestigious sun-roof installation unit in Ho Chi Minh City

If you are looking to make a sunshade for your space. But there was not enough time or professional equipment to support it.

With a staff of experienced, competent with the necessary equipment. Stainless steel space frame 304 – TINTA will help you get the best quality and aesthetic sunshades

At the same time, we have a team of skilled as well as technicians. Having many years of operation in the field of design, consultancy and quotation of awnings, awnings of all kinds. Because of these things, we are committed to giving our customers a very reliable product and service.


Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

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Come to 304 stainless steel space rig – TINTA you no longer worry or wonder. About the construction, installation of awnings, mobile awnings cost how much 1m2 and installation time

With many years of experience with a team of rich professionals. Stainless steel space frame 304 – TINTA is committed to bringing customers the absolute satisfaction when choosing service packages and products here.

In order to receive preferential roof shading prices as well as advice and best support on issues related to space rigs. Please contact the hotline 0084 28 66736186 – 0084 987636779. Or visit https://dankhonggianinox.com/ to get advice and accurate quotes.

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