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The home is the return home after work or school for each family member. Therefore, it needs a perfect beautiful space as well as decoration and interior layout to suit…

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The home is the return home after work or school for each family member. Therefore, it needs a perfect beautiful space as well as decoration and interior layout to suit the space and size of the house. In particular, you need to pay attention to the front of the house. Mostly need a roof. If you want to own a perfect and unique living space.

In this article, we will share 5 excellent beautiful roof designs . Please find out and refer to it.


Roof coverings

1.Technical factors to create a beautiful roof

To get a roof depends on many factors. In it is the choice of space to do. If you want sheltered home to p , you need to understand the characteristics of the design space. In addition, it is necessary to ensure harmony with the surrounding architecture, height limit.

In addition, it will depend on installation accessories such as canvas or iron frame. With canvas material used for the roof is extremely simple. Because this type has many models, diverse in colors. You just need to choose based on your preferences as well as the aesthetics of your home space.

Moreover, the beautiful roof depends on the materials used to be fully featured. To protect the house from direct sunlight. And it also depends on the area that is normally based on available space.

With the above factors, all make up the product roof. Present in every alley, on every street, school, restaurant, hotel, … Brings an extremely impressive and different space.


Good roof material 

2. Five excellent roof designs

Nice wood roof

Nice wooden roofs were built and created during the past. They are built quickly and easily. Because of the structure attached directly to the wall of the house, the roof is quite solid.

Also, you can decorate some fast growing vines. Like bougainvillea, wall flower or ti-golf. These plants will make the space more gentle, romantic and delicate.

Nice roof from canvas

There are also many people who like to use a canvas roof . Because it is extremely flexible for your usage. You can plant trees, hang clothes. Especially, this type of roof can be removed, cleaned for new seasons or installed another type of roof with extremely economical cost.

Nice mobile roof of glass

A mobile glass roof is a good choice for those who want to enjoy the sun, without having to worry about rain or wind. This type of roof you can freely contemplate the natural landscape around dreaming.

The initial installation cost of this roof is quite expensive. However, they can last for years without costly maintenance.

Nice roof in the shape of a sail

A beautiful sail-shaped roof is a kind of roof that helps to circulate light and is reserved for the summer. They can block sunlight into the space, while sucking in the cool air.

This type of roof also has good rain protection. By now there are many types of waterproof tarpaulin with new technology has also been present on the market today.

Mobile roof metal frame


Roof type installation

This type of roof is specifically for young, energetic and remote-controlled people. They have an electronic controller that allows you to select modes. Like drying clothes, creating shade or turning the direction of the sun.

This is also one of the advantages of this beautiful mobile metal roof frame. It has a variety of masking modes and simple construction, helping you save quite a lot of money for the family.

3. Construction unit of all kinds of beautiful roofs professionally

Because there are many needs to use the types of beautiful roofs . So there are many units or businesses that provide services to meet that need.

One of the companies that cannot be ignored is TINTA Joint Stock Company. Our company has been in business for many years. Understand and advise customers on the type of roof that best suits your home space. Read more about stainless steel processing in tphcm. Processing of 304 stainless steel . Stainless steel processing hcm

Your benefits when renting a beautiful roof installation at TINTA

  • With a team of experienced, hard working years. Customers will be consulted carefully and best suited for roof installation. 
  • Experts will come to your place to observe and advise the most accurate.
  • The price of installing a beautiful roof style with TINTA joint stock company is always the most competitive and the most affordable in the market.
  • You will also have warranty service as well as detailed instructions on how to use.

So what else do you hesitate. Please contact us for support soonest.


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