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Garage roofs appear more and more at work places, restaurants, bars, hotels. They assume the role of protective equipment for rain and sun protection for vehicles. Such as cars, bicycles,…

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Garage roofs appear more and more at work places, restaurants, bars, hotels. They assume the role of protective equipment for rain and sun protection for vehicles. Such as cars, bicycles, motorcycles. In many different locations, the use of a roof is also different. Therefore, users need to find out in advance to choose the appropriate type of garage roof .

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Why do so many people choose the car roof?

About 10 years ago, the garage was mainly built of bricks:

  • Cement
  • Checkered cement bank roof
  • Roof.

This garage structure is not much used now. Because it takes a lot of construction time, waste of space, raw materials, effort and above all, it degrades quickly when affected by the natural environment. Instead, users switch to a range of smart car roof lines . By flexibility, high efficiency in shielding the rain and sun. Ensure open space for parking places.

Refer to some common roof types: Garage garages, Folding roofs, Dome roofs , Umbrella umbrellas

How to choose the roof suitable for each location to use

Sheds for households : The most suitable type of roof for this location is garage roof . This type of roof is often used for tight spaces. Users can take advantage of the porch of the house to install roofs for vehicles used by the family. Garage roofs for households are both elegant and modern without wasting too much common area for the whole house.

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Garage roofs for workplaces, public places : For these locations, it is advisable to choose the roof of the garage in the form of arches. There is a modern design, high aesthetics. Should be used more in hospitals, schools, workplace … Material of this type of roof can be made of corrugated iron, canvas or cloth. Has good waterproof properties with high durability, good ability to protect from rain and sun. Is the first choice of public places.  

Roofs in locations where flexibility and urgency are needed : Places to use roofs with flexibility and urgency must include cafes, clothing stores and bars. Here, the type of roof used is the umbrella or the folding form. Two types of roofs with a simple design that can be easily opened and folded, stored for use when needed.

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The unit manufactures and installs high quality and prestigious roofs

The popularity and benefits of garage roofs are undeniable. But how to find reputable suppliers, distribution and installation units. Quality assurance as well as price. If you are wondering, then the name TINTA will be the best choice for you.

TINTA full name is JSC stainless steel TINTA Vietnam. The unit has many years of experience in the field of manufacturing and installation. Types of equipment gantry space, roof space. TINTA’s car roof products are of good quality, strictly tested from input materials until the product is completed and delivered to users. Regarding roofing products, TINTA always focuses on product quality, design and product price. Wishing to bring absolute satisfaction to customers.

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