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To meet the needs of many people playing football now, artificial turf has been created. However, the weather in Vietnam sometimes rains, sometimes sunny, so the installation of artificial turf…

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To meet the needs of many people playing football now, artificial turf has been created. However, the weather in Vietnam sometimes rains, sometimes sunny, so the installation of artificial turf roofs is essential.

And today, the service of providing and installing roofs has become quite popular. Check out this article for information about the roof 

artificial grass roof

Artificial Lawn Roof In Tinta Company

Why should you install artificial turf roofs?

Most football fields now have no roof. So there will be many matches taking place under the rainy weather, wind can affect the health of players. The installation of this type will prevent the players from struggling with the weather. This will create the best goals and the most attractive results.

Not only that, the roof also has advantages such as:

  • Shielding equipment and utensils in the yard from rain and wind …
  • Integrating lighting system on the roof truss. Can play the ball all day from morning till late at night.
  • Increasing the life of artificial turf, cost savings.
  • Reduce the pitch for the football field, ensuring comfort when using.
  • Convenient expansion of roof truss for adjacent soccer fields, reducing investment costs.
  • You can create a fence to protect the football field with the solid columns of the rig.

If you have a need, please come to our products and services of installing artificial turf rigs .

 Prestigious address of installing artificial turf roofs in Ho Chi Minh City

We – TINTA Vietnam Joint Stock Company are confident to be a reliable address. With over 20 years of experience in the field of mechanics, construction and installation. We specialize in the design of space trusses, stainless steel roof truss sure. Along with a professional staff, dedicated to the profession. Engineers experienced in making stainless steel structures.

We are trying our best to affirm our position in domestic and foreign markets. All our products and services are guaranteed to be of the best quality and best.

Come with us to get a roof covering artificial turf  and most durable.

Services to install grass cover  at TINTA Vietnam.

artificial grass roof

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Brand Design of Roof Design, Prestige Yard in Vietnam

Steps to install the best quality artificial turf roofs at TINTA Vietnam

1.The staff will measure and study the pitch in detail.

2. Calculate the parameters and draw a sketch of the design.

3. Customers and engineers will discuss and propose the best frame and roof materials, suitable for the yard.

4. Once agreed, our team of workers will proceed with the installation.

5 Acceptance of the work and handover to the lawn.

To get a quality truss you need to spend your time to learn about the products and services of that unit. Avoid unfortunate consequences that may directly affect the health of the players.

When coming to TINTA Vietnam, you do not need to worry. Because we are committed to the rig here is the best quality and assurance. See more stainless steel trolleys. Quotations of stainless steel trolleys . Stainless steel industrial trolleys

Commitments on the service of installing artificial turf roofs

  • Commitment to products and services is the best quality.
  • The price is reasonable, unbeatable.
  • There is a 100% repair and warranty policy.
  • Free ship.
  • Installation support.
  • Free consultation with enthusiastic staff.

We always put our customers’ trust first. Therefore, the products and services that we bring will always make you satisfied, most satisfied.

Please contact us when you need to install roof truss artificial turf.


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