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Swimming pool roofs are considered one of the most popular folding roof products today. Due to the type of mobile roofing for the pool because of its technical characteristics. With…

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Swimming pool roofs are considered one of the most popular folding roof products today. Due to the type of mobile roofing for the pool because of its technical characteristics.

With outstanding advantages, the roof of the pool has created a perfect living space for everyone

To better understand this product line. Join us to explore and learn specifically through the following article

swimming pool roof

Yard Covering At Tinta Company

Things to know about the roof of the pool

Currently the demand for swimming pool is increasing in Vietnam. Especially in big centers like Ho Chi Minh City.

To get a cool and safe space for the pool. The installation of a roof canopy is essential to protect swimmers from UV sunlight. Moreover, when the temperature is too high in the summer people gather at the lake too much. Then, a covered roof of canvas or canvas pool will create favorable conditions for everyone in the best way

Currently there are many designs to make the pool roof, depending on the area. You can simply stretch a canvas across the pool, or design. Sunshades or better quality stainless steel sunshades.

swimming pool roof

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Brand Design of Roof Structure Prestige Yard in Vietnam

The benefits of the covered roof of the pool

The benefits from a pool roof cover bring in life as:

  • Gi upside UV protection up to 98%
  • Provides temperatures up to 15 degrees cooler than steel roofs.
  • Create shade while preventing rain and sleet.
  • The roof of the swimming pool yard has many different colors, with diverse designs. Help customers to be free to choose
  • Having extremely large coverage can create a large cool space for the pool
  • With high quality materials, the pool roofs have good durability and high aesthetics. Can be used for many years without damage.
  • Avoid the dust, leaves falling on the lake

With the versatile utilities that this product brings. The installation of the pool roof is an effective solution. Increasing aesthetics while helping to expand the space for the pool

However when sticking with this product line. You should make very smart decisions when choosing a reliable roof installation address.

swimming pool roof

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 Address fitted roof patio pool reputation

On the market today it can be seen that the need to install swimming pool roofs is increasing significantly. Especially with the hot weather often in Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore the introduction of many roof mounting units has also flourished

Looking for a reputable unit to ensure safety. Is the indispensable needs of most customers today.

With years of experience along with a professional staff. 304 stainless steel space truss – TINTA always brings the designs and architecture of the bridge button space frame, the samples of a high-class pool roof in Vietnam

Special materials for production space space, stainless steel, pool roof installation are always many investors choose stainless steel. With superior quality brings durable products over time

When it comes to stainless steel staging space or staging space products. TINTA brand has satisfied all Vietnamese customers today.

swimming pool roof

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

Contact the roof of the swimming pool at TINTA

Customers wishing to install the roof of a high-quality pool yard with a preferential price. Or learn about the structure, space frame structure of stainless steel at TINTA. Please contact the hotline 0084 28 66736186 – 0084 987636779. Or visit https://dankhonggianinox.com/ for more details as well as the most accurate advice and quotation.

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