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With today’s growing demand, tennis is becoming more and more popular. And become a favorite sport in our country. Along with that development, more and more tennis courts with modern…

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With today’s growing demand, tennis is becoming more and more popular. And become a favorite sport in our country. Along with that development, more and more tennis courts with modern design. Has served the needs of the people. We would like to introduce some styles of modern and class tennis court roof .

tennis court roof

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Tennis courts designed according to international standards will not lack the basic characteristics. Roof is also one of the things to keep in mind for you when planning to build today.

Outstanding advantages of the roof of a tennis court

The roof of a tennis court is a basic part. And indispensable in the structure of a tennis court. So when you are looking to build a tennis court, you should also consider this part.

With the harsh and erratic weather in Vietnam today. The covered tennis court is becoming the choice of many players. Because the roof will help players avoid the effects of weather such as sunshine, rain, wind, … thereby ensuring the safety and health of everyone.

Currently, tennis players often choose a covered yard. So when designing a roof, you will attract more customers. From there, increase sales for the playground. With the private yard, will ensure the durability of the yard when outside impacts are avoided.

Roof of tennis court

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Brand Design of Prestige Roof in Vietnam

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Types of roofs stand out today

Typically, tennis court roofs are space rigs combined with different materials. So, you can choose from some of the following:

  • Zamil roof with corrugated iron roofing: this is a pretty much chosen style in Vietnam. This design is a combination of a solid zamil space frame and a soundproof corrugated iron roof. Bring the effect for players to play.
  • Roof of canvas space in corrugated iron sheets Outdoor Fabrics: with advantages of good sound and heat insulation. Bring effective when used. Along with that, the style combines modern and traditional. Providing perfection with reasonable cost will be the choice of many customers.
  • Awning space frame canvas Outdoor Fabrics: If you require high aesthetics with your tennis court, you can choose this style. With Outdoor Farbrics canvas always gives users an impressive highlight and prominence of the product.
tennis court roof

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Address to buy a tennis court roof for you

If you have not chosen a suitable tennis court for you, then come to us. TINTA Joint Stock Company will give you a great choice with quality products.

We now offer customers a wide range of products to choose from with unique designs. With each of our products, customers are assured of not only the design but also the quality. The products of space truss are always ensured according to the technical requirements and safety.

We always support our customers with the best prices, ensuring high competition in the market. With the roof of the tennis court , you can choose different materials at the attached price. From there, customers can save costs for themselves when building works.

tennis court roof

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

TINTA Joint Stock Company is committed to supporting customers anytime and anywhere with the best quality. Not only that, long warranty period will give you peace of mind when using.

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