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Giving a new and creative living space with a roof terrace with glass roof is not a bad idea, now the need to use the roof of consumers is increasing….

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Giving a new and creative living space with a roof terrace with glass roof is not a bad idea, now the need to use the roof of consumers is increasing. Understanding that demand, TINTA Inox Joint Stock Company

Vietnam has constantly improved and improved the quality of services and products to meet that demand.

Glass roof terrace

Roof Terrace In Tinta Company

 Advantages of glass roof terrace 

It is not difficult to understand when many customers prefer to use glass roof roof products , because if they know how to design and install properly, this product will not only bring the perfect beauty to the home space of the house. customers, but also bring convenience.

Roof terrace system helps homeowners can take advantage of sunlight. Such as drying clothes, planting trees indoors. 

Help prevent heat for homes. When direct sunlight will make the house become hot. If you install a roof, the house will be cooler because the roof will absorb less heat. 

Part glass roof (usually made of good tempered glass) can withstand force, large impact. Can protect the terrace area, objects and people more safely. Besides, it is easy to execute, install, less affect the house.

Your terrace becomes more impressive because the glass roof is highly aesthetic and luxurious.

Glass roof terrace

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Brand Design of Prestige Roof in Vietnam

Unique glass roof terrace design ideas for every space

TINTA Company would like to introduce some ideas for designing roof glass roofs. These designs ensure that it is suitable for all living spaces as follows:

Colored terrace roofs are arranged in squares. Then decorated with orchids, bonsai … Looks like a mini hanging garden in the heart of the city.

Terrace roof form dome. The shape of the design resembles beehives, both eye-catching and unique. Moreover, the dome roof helps absorb natural light more easily. 

Roof terrace with wooden tables and chairs. Where we can enjoy relaxing moments with a hot coffee, read some good books, chat with friends and relatives, and even create an open space for barbecue parties. without fear of being affected by rain, sun …

Attention when choosing glass roof terrace

On the market today, there are many distributors and suppliers of glass roof roofing products and sold at low prices, but unlike advertising, these products do not meet quality requirements. , thin and fragile glass products do not bring certainty and safety to the user’s space.

Therefore, when customers want to use this product, they should look to the units and large companies that provide it to have the opportunity to use products with clear origin, genuine products with High quality, safety and value for money.

Glass roof terrace

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Referring to the roof terrace, it is impossible not to mention the Inox TINTA Vietnam Joint Stock Company, the address with many years of support from consumers across the country and peace of mind to choose.

We are proud to bring Vietnamese consumers the best quality products, enduring the same time, overcoming the harsh weather, accompanying houses and constructions.

When you come to our glass roof terrace choice , our customers will receive enthusiastic advice from a team of experienced professionals, with a youthful, idea-rich design team, sure Will not make customers disappointed. See more stainless steel trolleys. Quotations of stainless steel trolleys. Stainless steel industrial trolleys

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