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TINTA stainless steel truss – specialized in construction of all kinds of roof terraces with many beautiful and cheap designs. Customers will be supported installation warranty for free place. Roof…

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TINTA stainless steel truss – specialized in construction of all kinds of roof terraces with many beautiful and cheap designs. Customers will be supported installation warranty for free place.

Terrace roof

Roof Roof In TinTa Company

Roof terrace brings a high aesthetic?

– Is derived from urgent needs, applications in daily life.

Roof terrace helps to shield rain and wind like ordinary canvas. Highly aesthetic creating beautiful, luxurious and impressive space for the house.

– A cool space to relax, relax, entertain with family. You can comfortably breathe the air without having to worry about rain and sun.

– In the past, the roof would often be used in small works only in the household. And today roofs are used in large areas. Such as commercial centers, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, …

Terrace roof

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Brand Design of Prestige Roof in Vietnam

– If the roof is properly arranged. Then the house space will be expanded. We can use to hang clothes, plant potted plants for roof space.

– Roof roofing is made from many different materials such as fabric, tarpaulin umbrella, plastic glass, tempered glass, corrugated iron roof … Whatever material is guaranteed to be sure, cool. Especially must match the overall architecture of each different apartment.

What types of rooftop roofs are only available at TINTA?

Until now, terrace design has many different styles and designs. These models are suitable for different types of design projects and space areas. Each type of roof for the terrace has its own design suitable for each different price. The following are the types of roofs being constructed the most today. Product models only available at dankhonggianinox.com:

Mobile awnings:

With this kind of awning you absolutely can have a useful terrace for the whole family. Especially suitable for activities, big parties. With a compact design, can be used for large areas. When needed we can roll up easily and quickly. TINTA has many types of movable awnings, with the rigidity of steel or stainless steel frames. This roof can withstand strong winds and is quite durable.

Roof roofs made of corrugated iron:

With a simple design and less fussy but bring certainty. Sun-proof, durable and beautiful, corrugated iron roofs are popular from ever to present. Virtually everywhere we go, it’s easy to see the roof of the roof with corrugated iron.

Roof roofs made of tempered glass:

Has the effect of both shielding the outside effects, both can capture natural light. Create a new space for the terrace, bringing elegance and aesthetics to the house. More specifically, this glass roof design will be combined with synchronized accessories. And the stainless steel frame system to increase the aesthetics.With the design of roof for toughened glass roof, customers should choose dankhonggianinox.com to ensure quality and safety during use. .

Terrace roof

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What are the advantages of choosing a roof terrace in TINTA?

High technical qualifications and years of experience. TINTA knows how to resolve problems that occur will be fixed as soon as possible.

TINTA – stainless steel space frame – with the motto of proximity, friendliness. Besides, the thoughtful and professional devotion of the staff. We always promise to bring customers the feeling of comfort and closeness. With TINTA, customers are free to choose genuine and quality products at reasonable prices. When you come to us you will receive attractive incentives such as:

  • Warranty policy: Free warranty for products related to roof terrace. Depending on the degree of damage to the roof.
  • Tinta is known as a reputable unit, specializing in the supply, repair and assembly of roofs. Not only on the roof terrace, but TINTA also provides other types of roof
  • Along with flexible return and exchange policies.
Terrace roof

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

Customers can feel secure when choosing a roof in TINTA. For further information, please contact phone number: 0987 636 779. Sincere thanks.

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