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Roof garden is a kind of roof has high applicability at the present time. The use of garden roofs is a choice for many. In addition to using fixed garden…

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Roof garden is a kind of roof has high applicability at the present time. The use of garden roofs is a choice for many. In addition to using fixed garden roof types, users tend to prefer mobile garden roofs because of their flexibility, ease of installation and use. 

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Cause many people like to use roof garden

It can be said that the garden space brings fresh vitality, harmony with nature. The garden space is planted with many trees to decorate. However, on sunny or rainy days, the garden cannot be used for playing and relaxing. 

Relaxing and entertaining spaces for the house and business space are very important. N understand who has installed a roof garden to increase the area of use. The roof of the yard becomes a device to effectively shield the rain and sun from the sun, effectively preventing the heat from feeling comfortable and comfortable for users when relaxing in the garden.

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The materials that make up the roof of the garden

The material of creating a roof is very simple but it is extremely detailed in detail. Regarding the external vision, we can see that the materials to form the roof of the garden are made of tarpaulin and awning frame.

Awning tent:

The main material of yard roof. Folding canvas awning is used a lot of canvas type Canvas tarpaulin has the ability to cover rain and sun, superior heat resistance. In addition, the roof made from canvas also helps reduce noise when it rains. In addition, coated tarpaulin can make trees under the roof can still absorb all the natural light.

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Roof frame:

Backbone for the whole roof , it is made of different metal material. If the roof size is small, use an aluminum roof frame. As for the size of large yard roof, it requires a lot of investment. Investors should choose steel or stainless steel roof frames to ensure stability and certainty.

Outstanding advantages of the garden roof

Mobile type roof

  • Made from durable, durable materials
  • Easy to install, disassemble and use
  • Can be pulled in, released quickly, Airiness
  • Heat and sun protection up to 90%
  • Cost, installation and maintenance are not large
  • Low price
  • Application of many different yard locations
  • Bring space, rest, relaxation, business perfect
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Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

TINTA specializes in executing and installing cheap garden roofs in the South

Currently the demand for roof garden installation in the South is the highest in the City. HCM. Identify that demand of customers TINTA unit specializing in production, consulting, design, construction has distributed to the market a line of cheap , beautiful, high quality yard roof products .

TINTA’s roof-covering products, when supplied to the market, are always warmly received by users. The product is not only beautiful in appearance but also has high aesthetic value when used at luxurious garden locations. Besides, thanks to production on modern technology lines combined with quality assurance materials, TINTA garden roofs have long-term use, helping consumers save on investment costs for new purchases.  

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