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Smart sheds also known as movable awnings. This is a product that many homeowners prefer and choose to execute. This type of roof is usually installed on the terrace or…

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Smart sheds also known as movable awnings. This is a product that many homeowners prefer and choose to execute. This type of roof is usually installed on the terrace or in front of the door of a restaurant. With the advantage of being conveniently designed, modern avoiding sunlight and rain.

Although there are many types of roofs available today, why should you choose to use mobile roofs? Join me in finding the answer!

smart roof

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 Why use smart roof?

There are many reasons why smart mobile roofs become today’s bestsellers. Products are integrated wind alarm system, automatic newspaper. When it suddenly turns to heavy rain, the roof will automatically roll in. A great feature that users do not have to “touch their hands – touch their feet”.  

The structure of the smart roof has brackets made of anodized aluminum. Therefore, the product has outstanding durability against the ability to fight moss, microorganisms. At the same time it is difficult to be scratched so it is more aesthetic.

Moreover, mobile roofs are colored by absorbent of nickel, so the color stays long over time. The product is suitable for use in houses living near the sea.

Benefits when using smart roof

Protection of construction works:

Type undercover intelligence with diverse sizes suitable for all works. The large size roof covered the space, helping to protect fish house items, water bars, … better.

Beautify the space:

The need for this flexible roof is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, the production units also pay attention to the appearance. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and textures to help customers choose easily.

And this also contributes to create an aesthetic for the project. You can install mobile roofs in front of gates, terraces or balconies of your home.

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Saving construction costs:

There are many people who want to save as much as possible, creating a temporary shelter for themselves. However, I am sure this roof will quickly fall, quickly broken after a short time of use.

Switching to a smart, beautiful front roof ensures long-term performance. Especially you can save a lot of money when you do not need to replace the old canvas.

smart roof

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Easy to use, convenient:

Smart roof installed with very flexible features. Users can pull in and out easily when needed to wind or close when heavy rain. This is so convenient and easy, right?

Supplier and construction of prestigious smart roof in Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam TINTA Company is a professional manufacturer, supplier and constructor. We have served thousands of samples of outdoor, indoor, event stage, … With many designs and precise sizes, making the space more beautiful and luxurious.  

Advantages of covered products of Vietnam TINTA:

– Made from high quality materials, manufactured by closed technology line.

– Products meet production standards before application in life.

– Solid structure, extremely good weather resistance.

– Easy to install, convenient to use.

– Easy transportation, construction and installation of mobile awnings nationwide.

– Meet all strict criteria for accuracy and aesthetics.

– Unlimited number of roofs, serving many projects at the same time.

With extremely affordable prices, please contact us immediately to give us more advice on smart roof details. See also 304 stainless steel flagpole. Cot co inox tphcm . Machining stainless steel flagpole in tphcm.

smart roof

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