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With many outstanding advantages, corrugated iron roof brings many short and long term benefits. In recent years, the roof is becoming a design trend of many households. To protect properties…

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With many outstanding advantages, corrugated iron roof brings many short and long term benefits. In recent years, the roof is becoming a design trend of many households. To protect properties and contribute to the aesthetics of the house. In order to meet the needs of society, a lot of roofing materials were born, however, with its advantages, corrugated iron roofs are still widely used by customers.


corrugated iron roof is still widely used by customers.

1. Overview of corrugated iron roof

In today’s society, it is not difficult to catch the image of a roof system in families, residential areas, restaurants, bars, etc. The product is used to help cover the rain and sun. Create a comfortable space for users.

Not only that, this product also contributes to the aesthetics. Because the corrugated iron roof system is quite simple. Including only frame made from iron pipe, corrugated iron with nuts, bolts. This simplicity exalts a modern but no less luxurious look 

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2. The benefits of using corrugated iron roof

Compared with other materials, corrugated iron roof brings many benefits to users, including:


The benefits of using corrugated iron roof

– Saving maintenance costs

Metal roof system in general and metal roof in particular are highly appreciated for durability, product life. With resistance to cracking, warping, warping, very suitable for extreme climatic conditions. Therefore, it can fully meet the needs of rain and sun protection and family protection.

If properly installed, according to technical standards, a product  can be used for about 40-50 years. In addition, you do not have to spend much money, time, maintenance labor, contributing to long-term benefits.

– Flexible design

Being a metal material, but the corrugated iron roof has a quite flexible design, offering many options for users. Depending on the space, circumstances, needs, customers can completely find their own colors, designs, unique patterns.

– Environmental friendliness

In the current environmental issues, attention is paid to environmental friendly roofing products such as corrugated iron roofs . With gentle characteristics, the removable can be done easily, no dust. In addition, it also contributes to increasing the overall efficiency in terms of energy for the house during use.  

– Increase the value of the house

According to many surveys, the value of a house will be significantly increased if the homeowner uses corrugated iron roof compared to other materials. Even due to long life, many insurance companies also have policies to reduce insurance for homes using this type of roof.


Making a reputation and quality roof at TINTA

 3. Making roofs of prestige and quality at TINTA

With the above advantages,  sheltered religious  dd is entitled to see the choice of many leading customers in the present time. If you are also in need of this product line. Looking for a reputable supplier, please contact TINTA immediately.

TINTA Joint Stock Company is proud to be one of 10 excellent service commercial units. Being in the top 100 leading enterprises in Vietnam. User voted quality products. Therefore, when coming to our products and services on corrugated iron roofs , customers will receive the most optimal benefits, including:

– Quality of products, genuine materials from famous brands

– Highly skilled construction team

– Construction time, quick installation

– Get advice, care, answer all questions for free

– Favorable, competitive price compared to rivals

With all these factors, we believe in giving customers satisfaction.  

For more information about corrugated iron products , please visit the address: https://dankhonggianinox.com/ or contact the hotline: 028 66736186 – 0987636779 for support.

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