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Folding roof, also known as folding roof, is currently one of the products to replace traditional roofs made of fixed reinforced concrete. Folding roof provides a roof system garden, modern…

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Folding roof, also known as folding roof, is currently one of the products to replace traditional roofs made of fixed reinforced concrete. Folding roof provides a roof system garden, modern terrace, beautiful. Retractable and retractable roof canopies, withstand sun, wind and rain very well. The special flexibility of the folding roof is evident in the design and dimensions of the product. Meaning it can be used in many environments. Therefore, many housing projects with modern architecture or nature-oriented business locations have chosen folding roofs to use.

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Basic structure of folding roof

The structure of the folding roof is quite simple, they are the perfect combination between the two main materials: awnings and horizontal metal supports of equal size. On each bar will be designed 2-3 wheel suspension operating mechanical principles with cables lying vertically so that the rope can be pulled out or folded. Depending on the space needed to cover but the size of canvas, the number of flutes of the folding roof is also changed accordingly but the principle of opening, closing and loading is unchanged.

The canvas of the portable folding roof is made of tear-resistant fabric and very good thermal insulation. Sunshade, heat resistance of canvas can be up to 90%. The supporting pillars can be steel, stainless steel and concrete bars depending on the construction circumstances.

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The working principle of folding roof 

Mobile folding roofs are easy to operate according to mechanical principles, they operate easily by methods of controlling electrical switches, hand-held devices, radio control or more modern, sun, wind sensors. and rain.

When the folded roof is extended the canvas roof is stretched by using fixed aluminum rods along the width to make the canvas cover enough to cover the area you have previously configured. In case you want to arrange your roof, you only need a remote control.

When the roof is opened, it provides space to shield against rain, wind, and strong sunlight. When retracted, it allows you to enjoy the soft light without feeling out of sight. Thanks to such easy use, the folding roof allows you to control the temperature, light and harsh weather conditions outdoors easily. Especially help you enjoy the comfort and convenience when resting, entertaining, …

folding roof 

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Application of folding roof 

Folding roofs are widely used in many different locations. You may notice them appearing in locations such as:

  • In the hot sun – heavy rain.
  • Schools
  • Hospital
  • Outdoor sales booth
  • Garden
  • Terrace
  • On the porch of the family

Where to install a folding roof?

It is not difficult for you to choose a unit specializing in installing folding roofs . The difficult thing here is how you choose the unit to install folding roofs to ensure quality, construction progress and cost must be affordable.

To not have to worry about that problem you should look to TINTA Joint Stock Company. The unit specializes in manufacturing, consulting, designing and installing cheap folding roofs . All TINTA folding roof products are guaranteed for quality, durability and duration of use. For this reason, TINTA has become the name that many customers seek and choose. As a direct supplier of space trusses, folding roofs for many large projects. 100% of customers who come to TINTA feel satisfied and have many positive feedbacks.

Become a next customer of TINTA today so you can use all kinds of folding roof products with nice design, good price and good warranty period. Contact now: 0084 28 66736187 – 0084 983884649 for advice from TINTA technicians.

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