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With many outstanding advantages, the product of Spider glass roof receives a lot of attention and choices from customers.  In recent years, the roof works have been increasingly designed towards…

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With many outstanding advantages, the product of Spider glass roof receives a lot of attention and choices from customers. 

In recent years, the roof works have been increasingly designed towards aesthetic factors, in accordance with the landscape. Therefore, among many current roof options , the Spider glass roof is being used by many architects and customers.

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Spider glass roof

Glass Roof

The introduction of Spider glass roofing products

Over time, according to the tastes of society, the street appears more and more. Although there are many advantages, but this type of house is considered quite lack of natural light because the distance between the apartments is not too large. This restriction makes families consume more electricity. At the same time, it is also the reason why the air circulation in the house becomes less flexible affecting the quality of life.

The problem is that it is necessary to have a device to receive natural light and landscape for the house. That is the reason for the product of Spider glass roof .

Spider glass roof

Glass Roof At Tinta Company

The structure of the Spider glass roof

Although there are many different styles and designs, however, in terms of structure, Spider glass roofs have the following factors:

– Glass: Made from tempered glass or insulated glass, insulated or laminated safety glass.

– Connectors: Including spiders (also known as spider legs), catch pins, bolts.

– Code plate: Made of standard thickness steel, which is used to connect spider parts with steel columns or concrete beams through a system of screws capable of bearing.

Spider glass roof

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The advantages of the Spider glass roof

The product of Spider glass roof has many outstanding advantages, including:

– Ability to capture most of the natural light source, making the use of space become airy and harmonious while contributing to energy saving;

– Helps insulate well;

– High durability, does not take much maintenance and repair costs;

– Ability to withstand extreme weather conditions (earthquake, wind storm, …)

– Construction time, quick and easy installation;

– Diverse and abundant models, giving customers many choices;

– Guaranteed safety, environmentally friendly;

– Suitable for many different use spaces. from large areas such as large halls to small spaces such as balconies, awnings, skylights, …

With those advantages, when used in the kitchen space. Products will contribute to providing natural light, saving on electricity costs. At the same time improve air circulation. And when used in offices, living rooms. It will create an open space, giving you comfort, relaxation and rest.

Spider glass roof

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Spider glass roof

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