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Not only shading the sun, rain and the effects of natural elements, the glass roof also gives your space a beautiful and worth living space. But how to choose to…

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Not only shading the sun, rain and the effects of natural elements, the glass roof also gives your space a beautiful and worth living space. But how to choose to buy a quality product. It is still a problem many customers are interested in.

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The importance of glass roofs

glass roof

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Brand Design of Prestige Roof in Vietnam

Join Inox Tinta Vietnam Joint Stock Company to learn about the importance of glass roof to explain why this product has received the market’s love so soon.

  • Glass roof brings a clean space, because this product helps prevent the effects of weather factors such as rain, dust …. to your space.
  • Help your space become more luxurious. With luxurious and energetic design
  • Glass roof helps absorb sunlight naturally, easy to clean

Features of the glass roof

  • A quality glass roof will have a smooth, shiny surface
  • This product has many colors for customers to choose such as: clear white glass, …. Depending on the needs, the location of use that customers choose the most appropriate.
glass roof

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How to identify the roof welcomes real and fake glass

On the market today, there are many large and small units distributing glass roof products , but how to identify what is the real product, what is a fake product, is still something that many customers run out of. care.

To answer customers’ inquiries. TINTA Vietnam Stainless Steel Joint Stock Company will introduce to you some tips to check whether the product is real or fake right after:

  • The glass roof will have full information of the product such as size, horizontal and vertical measurements, information of the manufacturer, distribution unit, warranty, anti-counterfeiting stamps.
  • Imitated products will have an uneven surface. Many scratches due to failure of the rigorous quality control process and careless shipping.
  • Check the price of the product. Because at the production facilities are large and reputable. Customers will receive preferential prices with high discounts. Guaranteed cheaper than small establishments from 10-20%.
  • Many customers think that an expensive product is a good product. So sometimes buy the wrong product but lose a large amount of money. You can refer to the price of the product. dankhonggianinox.com for more details about the price.
glass roof

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

The reasons should choose the glass roof of TINTA Vietnam Inox Joint Stock Company

Every customer coming to the choice of glass roof products of Inox Tinta Vietnam Joint Stock Company will receive enthusiastic advice from a team of highly trained, highly specialized professionals ready to invest. Consulting and helping you choose the most satisfactory product.

For new customers and loyal customers. We always apply the preferential policies. New and attractive, the more you buy the higher the discount.

Our glass roof products are committed to meeting quality requirements, safety for users, supporting customers to take place according to your request.

What are you waiting for, do not immediately access the website address: https://dankhonggianinox.com or call us at hotline 028 66736186 – 0987636779 to experience the best products at affordable prices.

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