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Tempered glass is currently the most concerned product. Tempered glass is a material widely used in interior and exterior design and decoration. A housing project, hotel, restaurant, company … will…

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Tempered glass is currently the most concerned product. Tempered glass is a material widely used in interior and exterior design and decoration. A housing project, hotel, restaurant, company … will not be complete without a porch and in which tempered glass awnings are particularly popular.

So why should we choose to make awnings from tempered glass instead of other materials? Let’s find the answer right away.

tempered glass awnings

Tempered glass awnings

1. 3 Reasons you should make tempered glass awnings

– Ability to take good natural light

tempered glass awnings

Tempered glass awnings are able to capture natural light well

In addition to protecting sunlight, rain, dirt effectively, the awning made of tempered glass also helps your living space airy, full of natural light.

– High aesthetics

Toughened glass awning brings elegance and modern beauty to the main space. Currently, there are many restaurants, hotels, showrooms that choose glass as decoration material.

– High security

Unlike conventional glass, tempered glass is manufactured using modern technology. The glass is first passed through a heat treatment furnace and compressed until it cools. Because it is handled carefully, the glass is very solid to use, increasing impact resistance, good strength. Especially when broken will not be broken into sharp corners but crumbled to minimize accidents.

Tempered glass awnings

Glass awnings made of tempered glass have many advantages

2.TinTa – Address making prestigious glass awning

You are looking for a reputable construction site of toughened glass awnings but do not know how to choose. Let us help you. Tinta Joint Stock Company is one of the most trusted units of designing, installing and constructing awnings.

TINTA Company has 10 years of experience and a team of skilled employees who have satisfied customers. In addition, we have successfully implemented many large projects. With a professional service attitude, ready to advise 24 / 24h, TINTA is ready to solve problems for customers anytime anywhere. For more information about us, you can visit https://dankhonggianinox.com/ or call the hotline: 02866736186 – 0987636779 (Ho Chi Minh Branch) or 028 66736187 – 0983884649 (Chi Binh Duong branch) for a free consultation. Read more about stainless steel processing in tphcm. Processing 304 stainless steel. Processing stainless steel hcm.

tempered glass awnings

TINTA Company – Address for constructing reputable tempered glass

3. Construction procedure of tempered glass awnings

– B1: Receive requests from customers

First, Tinta will have a staff to accept customer requests. Following that TINTA will ask them to support more information including their name, address, needs …

– B2: Proceeding with field surveys and consulting

After grasping the basic information, Tinta will take people to the place to conduct field surveys. From which to devise the plan, the most accurate construction cost. Notice and agreement with customers.

– B3: Factory processing, construction preparation

Tinta will then proceed to process the materials at the factory. The materials include tempered glass, iron box, stainless steel … to prepare for construction.

– B4: Conducting the installation, construction of awnings

During the construction process, Tinta always had a supervising engineer. Tinta always ensures the best completion of projects on time.

– B5: Acceptance and handover

After completing 100% service, Tinta conduct acceptance and handover with customers before payment.

Above are the reasons you should choose tempered glass awnings for your home or business. With so many outstanding advantages mentioned above, you definitely will not regret choosing TINTA.

If you have a need, do not hesitate to contact Tinta immediately for more details. Good luck!

Tempered glass awnings

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