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With the development of society today, spider-feet glass roofs are used in many buildings, offices, villas, hotels … with many utilities and outstanding quality. How to choose the roof quality…

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With the development of society today, spider-feet glass roofs are used in many buildings, offices, villas, hotels … with many utilities and outstanding quality.

How to choose the roof quality spider legs with reasonable prices today in Ho Chi Minh City? Which construction and installation unit of glass roofs is professional and reputable?

Join us to find out details about spider web roof through the article below

Spider foot glass roof

Prestigious Quality Glass Roof 

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Learn about spider leg glass roof

Spider foot glass roof glass is made by using spider spider legs combined with tempered glass to place on the structure (by stainless steel box, iron box, steel, …)

Spider foot glass roof

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Brand Design of Prestige Roof in Vietnam

Currently, the spider-roof roof consists of 3 parts:

  • Spider spider legs: made from 304 stainless steel without rust. Helps adjust the balance when placing tempered glass adds aesthetics to the glass roof. Especially when used outdoors rain or shine without warping, including: 1 foot spider spider legs, spider legs 2 legs spider, spider legs 3 legs, spider legs spider legs 4 legs
  • Tempered glass made of spider frame glass roof: made of tempered glass with thicknesses of glass such as: 10 cups, 12 glasses, 15 glasses or sometimes up to 19 glasses to help withstand strong impact force, in addition, tempered glass also has a surface stress of 10000psi, which can withstand the effects of intense sun or storm.
  • Steel frame made of glass roof: diverse in design shapes such as U-shaped, I, T, … just ensure to bring high aesthetics and absolute safety.

Application of spider web glass roof

Spider foot glass roof

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Spider-foot glass roofs bring many benefits so they are applied in many fields such as:

  • The buildings on the street, subdivisions, adjacent houses, … due to the small space, there is a lack of natural light and air.
  • Apartments, houses with small area, schools, …
  • Application of tempered glass for awnings of large and small buildings
  • This product has many design designs. Meet the creativity in architectural works, creating a unique impression for each type of construction project.
  • There are a variety of glasses such as: Box glass, single glass and laminated glass

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In addition, the glass roof also brings many outstanding advantages in life such as:

  • Shielding rain, wind, high impact resistance
  • No regular maintenance or replacement
  • Help increase the aesthetics make a certain monumental for the work
  • Especially easy to clean and clean

The note when installing spider web glass roof

Spider foot glass roof

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

Spider accessories are used to create space to minimize the other accessories installed at the corners of the glass. Therefore, to conduct the installation of glass roofs to ensure durable – beautiful – fast element will require people with high professional qualifications.

On the market today, there are many units that install spider-web glass roofs to fully meet the needs of customers, so finding a glass roof construction service is not too difficult. A reputable address to ensure safety during use is a matter of concern

So in Tphcm, which glass roof company is reputable?

Spider foot glass mounting unit professional

With years of experience, the 304 stainless steel space rig – TINTA has been creating trust for many customers today with an experienced team dedicated to the profession.

Spider foot glass roof

Glass roof at tinta company

Currently, 304 stainless steel space frame. TINTA is also one of the leading companies dealing in high-end products for interior and exterior with stainless steel materials. Providing stainless steel products for domestic and foreign markets.

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