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With elegance, class, spider-roof glass roof contributes to increase the aesthetic beauty of all projects. In recent years, the use of spider-feet to make roofs has become a new design…

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With elegance, class, spider-roof glass roof contributes to increase the aesthetic beauty of all projects.

In recent years, the use of spider-feet to make roofs has become a new design trend. With many outstanding advantages. Products are increasingly popular with customers and choose to install in hotels, villas, offices and buildings.

Spider foot glass roof

Roof With Spider At Tinta Company

Aspects of spider web roof products

Products with spider legs glass roof is a combination of tempered glass and spider spider legs to place on a structure system made of iron box, stainless steel, steel, …

The product consists of 3 main structures:

– Spider spider legs: Made from 304 stainless steel, resistant to external weather elements, … Spider legs are used to adjust the balance of tempered glass. At the same time increase the aesthetics of the project.

– Tempered glass: This type of glass is 4-5 times harder than ordinary glass. Ensure bearing capacity, bring safety to users. The thickness of the glass is extremely diverse, so depending on the needs of the project, customers can choose a suitable glass model.

– Steel frame: Designed in a rich shape, can be I, U or T. It contributes to the aesthetics, while improving safety.

Spider foot glass roof

Prestige Quality Spider Foot Glass

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Advantages of the spider web glass roof products

– Minimize the accessories that need to be installed at the corners of the glass.

– Spider legs have a joint structure, able to withstand bending so that the load of each glass plate will be reduced. Thereby improving the life of the product.

– Unique design style, diversity, optimally meeting the needs of aesthetics and creativity.

– Can be used with many different types of tempered glass. Creating favorable conditions in construction and design.

– Can adjust the amount of light as you like. Ensure shielding from rain and sun and safety for users.

Spider foot glass roof

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Brand Design of Prestige Roof in Vietnam

With these outstanding advantages, the product can be used to attract spider light roof for natural light for townhouse, subdivision, adjacent – designs with natural light space. limit. Or it can be used at apartment buildings. Making skylights in small-sized houses, schools, waiting rooms, …

Providing reputable, quality spider-leg glass roofs with TINTA

In order for the product of spider-glazed roof to maximize its advantages, choosing a reputable and professional supplier and contractor is indispensable. Because, with only a few small technical flaws or using materials such as spider feet is not guaranteed, the likelihood of danger and insecurity is very high.

Spider foot glass roof

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Understanding the above problem, TINTA Joint Stock Company has continuously improved to give customers an ideal choice for the needs of spider-glass roof installation .

Genuine product quality, skilled technical team. Consulting customer care free, affordable in the market. With many years of prestige in the market and experience drawn from thousands of contracts have been performed. We believe that we will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers.

For direct advice about spider roof glass products , please contact TINTA Joint Stock Company via website: https://dankhonggianinox.com/ or via hotline: 028 6673 6186 – 0987 636 779.

Spider foot glass roof

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