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Glass roof applications for installation in buildings are increasing, but do you know a lot about curved glass roofs yet? This time, dankhonggianinox.com will introduce readers the basic information about…

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Glass roof applications for installation in buildings are increasing, but do you know a lot about curved glass roofs yet? This time, dankhonggianinox.com will introduce readers the basic information about this type of glass roof.

curved glass roof

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Brand Design of Prestige Roof in Vietnam

Overview of TINTA curved glass roof

Curved glass roofs are highly aesthetic choice for exterior decoration. External glass roof shading effect rain, help get natural light also aesthetic, safe, creating open space when used.

By using heat-treated toughened glass panels to shield, toughened curved glass roofs  can be used in rain or under the sun without hiding natural light. An invisible wall to protect life from environmental agents.

What kind of curved glass

Curved glass roofs are usually designed in two forms, one is two layers connected by the film layer, the other is using 12 glass glass with high durability. Glass roof has a long life, easy to clean, does not stain.

Absolute safety of curved glass roof

Besides, tempered glass is a type of glass with very high safety, strength, and heat resistance. If unfortunately the glass is broken, create debris with rounded corners to ensure safety. With curved glass roofs are often used in large spaces like. The main lobby of high-rise buildings to smaller areas such as eaves, skylights of households …

The curved glass roof is directly connected by curved bars, connecting rods, such as Y and L. Make the installation firm, easy to load, quick and easy. On curved frames with wave braces, the connection between the plastic sheet and the gutters and tempered glass doors is faster and more effective, and it is more important not to let rainwater into the house.

– The curved glass roof will be raised in an arc, reducing the heated area and stratifying the air in the toughened arch, thereby increasing the cooling capacity in the summer, controlling the condensation of water vapor. ..

curved glass roof

Curved Glass Roof At Tinta Company

The use of curved glass roofs

– Curved glass roofs are often used in adjacent houses, subdivision houses, street houses … due to insufficient space, the houses lack natural light.

– The curved glass roof is also suitable for those spaces that need luxurious design. Create high aesthetics and modern architecture such as hotels, restaurants …

– Swimming pools, gymnasiums, tree growing areas in glass cages, etc. are used not only for sun protection. Rain cover also helps to save lighting for buildings thanks to the natural sun shading of the glass dome.

TINTA Vietnam – Prestigious and high quality curved glass roof construction unit

Tinta Stainless Steel Joint Stock Company Vietnam with more than 12 years of presence in the market, is a unit specializing in the design, construction, installation of all types of space trusses , glass roofs, skylights … throughout the country. We are proud to be beloved by many customers, selected for providing customers with glass roofs and roofs with high aesthetic as well as quality, stability over time.

The products we supply are made from genuine and domestic raw materials. Tested by lots of customers over time. Installation of many more works and become close customers.

With novel designs, created by design experts. TINTA Vietnam always provides customers with the most unique products. The skilled construction team ensures that works meet both form and quality standards.

curved glass roof

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

If you are still worried, do not know which designs of curved glass roofs are best suited for your house or project, please quickly visit the website dankhonggianinox.com or contact the hotline 0987.636.779, email TINTA @ TINTA .VN  for advice today.


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