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Tempered glass is one of the very popular building materials in interior and exterior decoration. They are used as a lot of roofs to cover the sun and rain for…

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Tempered glass is one of the very popular building materials in interior and exterior decoration. They are used as a lot of roofs to cover the sun and rain for family space and factories. 

To help you better understand the information we would like to share some information you need to know about beautiful tempered glass roof right below.

Beautiful tempered glass roof

Nice Tempered Glass Roof

 What is the concept of beautiful tempered glass roof?

Beautiful tempered glass roof is a kind of roof using transparent glass material, durable. They are mounted with iron and aluminum frames to shield the sun and rain from the space.

Transparent glass roof, beautiful aesthetic. In addition, tempered glass is also capable of taking good natural light suitable for open spaces, luxury restaurants.

Beautiful tempered glass roof is applied to many different positions: tempered glass awnings, glass roofs, glass lobby roof … Each different position will be designed glass surface, suitable structure.

Beautiful tempered glass roof

Beautiful Tempered Glass Roof At Tinta Company

What kind of beautiful tempered glass cover?

Tempered glass roof has many different types

There are many different types of tempered glass roofs, designed and constructed separately. Depending on the nature of each project, customers choose the most appropriate.

-Type of glass roof with pillars

This type of glass roof is quite popular, most used in residential spaces. Its characteristic is that the entire steel structure is placed on iron support.

– Glass roof with cable car system

The glass roofs hung by cable car system are iron pipes with two ends drilled into the wall by strong screws. The advantage of this type of glass roof compared to the pillar roof is to support obstacles, obstructing the space below.

– Glass dome type

Dome glass is now used in many large projects in restaurants, businesses, commercial centers. Nice dome-shaped glass roof design brings a classic beauty to the space.

-Design tempered glass roof using galvanized iron structure, stainless steel frame

For the most reliable mounting and fixing of toughened glass roofs, the selection of structural materials is very important. At that time, the glass roof used galvanized iron box structure, stainless steel frame was the perfect choice. Not only safety, but also reasonable cost, suitable for small and medium projects.

-Type of mobile tempered glass roof

As the name implies, this is a smart, movable glass roof. For example, if the weather is nice, you can drag to minimize and expand the glass roof when you want. To be able to construct this type of glass roof requires quite a high level of skill.

Beautiful tempered glass roof

TINTA Jsc-Prestigious Design Design of Prestigious Tempered Glass Roof In Vietnam

Address for constructing beautiful and prestigious tempered glass roof

There are many addresses for toughened glass roof construction but not all are reputable. Many poor quality units with many cheap advertising words make many customers fooled. 

TINTA Joint Stock Company is one of the leading companies specializing in design, construction and installation which are selected by many customers. When coming to TINTA, customers can feel secure about:

+ Commitment to the best quality of service, there is always a monitoring team to ensure quality and work progress. 

+ Reasonable cost, affordable price. Commitment does not incur any charges during the contract performance.

+ With 10 years of experience, TINTA does not only own a team of skilled workers and employees. In addition, TINTA has received many “quality” awards.

Beautiful tempered glass roof

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Above is the article ” Beautiful tempered glass roof and the information you need to know” that we would like to introduce to you. Hope that with the above sharing can help you choose the right type of glass roof. In addition, for more advice, please contact us at the website address: https://dankhonggianinox.com/ or can call the hotline: 02866736186 – 0987636779 (Ho Chi Minh Branch) or 028 66736187 – 0983884649 (Binh Duong Branch) for a free consultation. Good luck! 

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Beautiful tempered glass roof

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