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Currently with many houses, especially tube houses, the design of mobile toughened glass roofs will help your home to be brighter. With this choice of tempered glass, the design of…

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Currently with many houses, especially tube houses, the design of mobile toughened glass roofs will help your home to be brighter. With this choice of tempered glass, the design of skylights will be optimized and more modern. Join us to learn the benefits of this design.

Mobile tempered glass roof helps make the skylight become more modern and luxurious. Let’s see the benefits tempered glass brings.

Mobile tempered glass roof

Prestige roof quality

Why should use mobile tempered glass roof for skylights?

Skylights are a special design for your home to bring light, creating a high aesthetic in your home. The use of mobile toughened glass roofs will help the skylight maximize its uses.

Tempered glass helps ensure the safety of the house to avoid strong external impacts. Because this is a product with high strength, heat resistance and good strength. Since then brings safety and peace of mind for users with skylight designs.

With the movement of glass, it helps to bring convenience when using. You can open and close easily. From there, not only is sunlight, but you can also bring wind and other natural elements to your home.

 Mobile tempered glass roof

Toughened Glass Roof At Tinta Company

In the event of incidents causing the broken tempered glass, the consequences are also lessened when you use other types of glass.

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Benefits of using toughened glass roof e di Separate

Many customers wonder why glass windows should not be used for skylights. Then you should not ignore the benefits of it below:

  • Easy and convenient to use that can control opening and closing.
  • Can be used for large skylights without worrying about the strength of the glass frame. Because you can easily divide the glass into separate parts to reduce the weight of the product.
  • Safety system for the whole project, providing long-term use, no need for regular maintenance, convenience in cleaning and maintenance.
  • Make the most of natural light, regulate light intensity best, avoid harmful ultraviolet rays.
Mobile tempered glass roof

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Brand Design of Prestige Roof in Vietnam

Mobile toughened glass roof of TINTA Joint Stock Company

Understand the need to use tempered glass in your buildings. TINTA Joint Stock Company always brings satisfaction to customers.

So you can rest assured with our designs and be satisfied with the service.

To ensure the safety when installing mobile toughened glass roof. Offering products that not only ensure aesthetics, but also durable work.

We are committed to supporting customers with the best price.

Mobile tempered glass roof

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Should use mobile toughened glass roof in other buildings

Many customers often wonder if we should use tempered glass in other projects. Not only skylights, we also advise customers in many other projects.

You can use mobile tempered glass roof with many different constructions such as awnings, cafe roofs, space domes, … With this use, all bring you the convenience to use. use. Any questions need advice, you can contact us via:

Mobile tempered glass roof

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