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TINTA space rig specializes in constructing cheap tempered glass roofs with many beautiful and cheap models nationwide. When you come to us, customers will be supported installation warranty for free…

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TINTA space rig specializes in constructing cheap tempered glass roofs with many beautiful and cheap models nationwide. When you come to us, customers will be supported installation warranty for free place. There are also some preferential policies as follows:

Cheap tempered glass roof

Prestige quality tempered glass roof

The quality of cheap tempered glass roof compared with other types of roof?

Tempered glass roof has been around for a long time, used by many countries in a variety of roof installations. With the advantage of tempered glass roofs are tempered with temperatures up to 700 degrees. It can be said that the bearing capacity of the glass is many times higher, it has very good heat resistance and is very suitable for making glass roofs.

With the above properties, low-strength tempered glass roofs are not only capable of shielding rain, sunshades and reducing harsh environmental temperatures, but also can be used to decorate large and small constructions to increase Modernity and elegance. Tempered glass roof over the past 5 years, selected to use a lot.

 Cheap tempered glass roof

Tempered glass roof at tinta company

TINTA was selected as a reputable glass roof installation and construction unit in Vietnam, along with large designers, with many designs and large and small constructions, with large scale throughout the country.

We are proud to be one of the most reputable and professional enterprises today . With professional qualifications, the spirit of hard work and dedication to the profession. We are committed to bringing the absolute trust and satisfaction to our customers.

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Cheap tempered glass at TINTA is different from Vietnam market today?

According to the review, the current glass roof works. TINTA is considered a place with cheap glass roof – good – more prestigious than some sites and at other construction sites.

Currently, we are trying to grow continuously. Not only in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang but also with other regions in the country especially through the website: Dankhonggianinox.com

In addition, we were voted as one of the top prestigious construction sites trusted by contractors to be their partner. Especially with the construction of tempered glass roof. So it can be said that the price of tempered glass roof we offer is cheaper and better than the places on the market.

Cheap tempered glass roof

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Prestigious Design Design of Prestige Glass Roof in Vietnam

The price we offer is always suitable for the supplier of the product and also for the customer. So you do not hesitate any more without hurry to call us.

What is the preferential policy for tempered glass roof on TINTA?

TINTA us with the motto of closeness, friendliness with the thoughtful dedication of the staff. We always promise to bring customers the feeling of comfort and closeness.

Come to us customers are free to consult and choose genuine and quality tempered glass products with competitive prices.

In addition, customers who choose to construct low-cost tempered glass roofs will have our 5-year warranty and return policy as prescribed. There are also some other attractive incentive policies.

Cheap tempered glass roof

Contact the company hotline TINTA: 028 66736186 – 0987636779

TINTA stainless steel space rig  is known as a reputable and specialized unit

Supply and construction of low-cost tempered glass roofs , along with graves

Some of the cheapest and most genuine roof types in the city. City and Da Nang

Along with the return warranty policy. So customers can

Total peace of mind about the price when choosing tempered glass roof at TINTA. If you have any questions, please contact us directly or call: 0987. 636. 779  for more advice. Sincerely thank.

Cheap tempered glass roof

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

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