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The space of your house or works will become more perfect with the product of tempered glass roof of the skylight , contributing to the ventilation of the designs and…

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The space of your house or works will become more perfect with the product of tempered glass roof of the skylight , contributing to the ventilation of the designs and creating an impressive highlight for a company. the ideal living space.

If customers are still wondering whether to buy tempered glass roof or not? Is this product really necessary ?. Let’s join Inox Tinta Vietnam Joint Stock Company to learn more about the sunroof toughened glass roof , its advantages and applications in life right after.

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What is a skylight tempered glass roof?

Skylights are the type of architecture commonly used in tube houses.

The sunroof tempered glass roof is the roof of a steel frame structure. A highlight for the house, with many useful functions such as rain, sun, and light shading …

A combination of tempered glass and metal frame to create a space. This skylight also helps to provide more natural light and create a cool, deep place for the house and the building.

Skylights can be used automatically or mechanically. Use tempered glass for carefully reinforced frames ensures good strength.

With skylight roof system: the heat will tend to rise. Besides, you are not allowed to seal the upper part of the skylight because according to the chimney rule, making a skylight must ensure ventilation.

Often designed to ensure good ventilation but do not allow rain water to enter the home. Therefore, at present, the solution to use skylight roof made of tempered glass is being widely used in the market

Advantages of the sunroof tempered glass roof

  • Provides natural light while limiting the negative effects directly from the sun
  • Rain cover, create separate space, and especially safe for users
  • High strength, thickness, withstand high force nearly 4 to 5 times of conventional glass. So customers do not need to worry about it will take time to replace and renew like other materials on the market.
  • Tempered glass roof is also very easy to clean because the glass surface is smooth and smooth, just using a simple cleaning tool can return the new light as it was originally.
  • No space constraints, skylight tempered glass roof products can be installed in large spaces such as the main lobby of high-rise buildings, large buildings, or may be smaller spaces such as attic roof, area of ​​skylight in your house.

Address providing the most prestigious toughened glass roof in Ho Chi Minh City

TINTA Inox Vietnam Joint Stock Company for many years has become a companion of many large and small projects across the country. Received many positive customer reviews.

Respond to the needs of the market as well as the confidence of our customers. We are constantly innovating, improving service quality to give customers the peace of mind and satisfaction when using products manufactured and distributed by the company.

TINTA skylight roof

Especially the products distributed by our company always ensure in terms of quality, products with full information of origin, the right size required by customers, full purchase and sale invoices, operating licenses. , anti-counterfeiting stamps and long-term warranty stamps, so please be assured when choosing our products.

In addition to the preferential policies, we also provide thoughtful after-sales service. The free shipping program is delivered to customers.

To book a time-saving product, you can visit our website: dankhonggianinox.com to choose your favorite skylight tempered glass roof product depending on your needs and preferences.


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