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  Tempered glass roof is one of the beautiful modern roof form customers are highly appreciated. What are the highlights of this product? Business unit, supply and construction of reputable…

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Tempered glass roof is one of the beautiful modern roof form customers are highly appreciated. What are the highlights of this product? Business unit, supply and construction of reputable toughened roof? All will be explained in more detail in this article!

What are the advantages of tempered glass?

  1. High strength and safety:

Extremely tough tempered glass material, durable. Therefore, the design and installation of tempered glass roof helps to withstand good impact, heat resistance and long-term use.

Because the ability to bear force 4-5 times normal compared to conventional glass. Products are still of high quality when used in areas where sudden hail occurs. In the event of heavy objects falling, the glass will only crack and still ensure high safety for the user.

In addition, the tempered glass roof does not change color over time. Along with that is the expansion coefficient, light transmittance, components, … remain perfectly.

  1. Highly aesthetic:

Not only durable, tempered glass roof also has a beautiful aesthetic. With the advantage of transparency, it helps to get natural light without restricting visibility. Installing this glass roof will help the living space become close and dynamic in accordance with current needs.

  1. Cost savings:

The installation of garden glass roofs is quick and simple. The mechanic will use an aluminum frame to mount the wall as well as hold the tempered glass panels. This type of roof often uses tempered glass with a thickness of about 10mm.

Compared to other materials, using toughened roof garden will save money better. The highlight is the smooth glass surface, less dust and quick drying. This does not cause mold and rot, so you do not need to spend too much time maintaining the roof.

In addition, the product also has features that help reduce the “penetration of UV rays to humans and the amount of solar heat. This creates a very pleasant, cool and energy-saving feeling.

Classification tempered glass roof is currently used

On the market, toughened glass roofs come in a variety of styles and designs, such as:

– Skylight roof

– Sliding glass roof

– Glass roof used to support the roof and use cable cars

– Glass roof combined with iron frame and use spider legs


– Glass roof combined with glass railing and iron frame

– The curved domed roof uses spider legs together with iron bars

– Glass roof using glass suspension prider and cable car

– Glass roof combined with iron frame

Should choose a location to build reputable tempered glass roof in Ho Chi Minh City?

To install tempered glass roof terrace , yard, … standard and high aesthetic. Then you come to Vietnam TINTA for advice and support survey locations for free offline.

Is a unit specializing in providing and constructing all kinds of prestigious roof space. Vietnam TINTA is always the first choice of any Saigon guest who needs to design and create beautiful tough roofs for houses.

We only use imported tempered glass. The product has been tested and certified by the agency. The advantage of our toughened glass roof samples will help to catch all the light from outside. Create a true space, very beautiful. At the same time also helps to expand the space to save power for the house.

Do not worry that the cost of constructing toughened glass roof of Vietnam TINTA will be expensive. We always offer the most preferential prices, to help all Vietnamese customers own beautiful and durable glass roofs.


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