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Beautiful glass roof for Vietnamese customers is currently considered as one of the materials selected by many projects and used in large areas and large spaces. So is it difficult…

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Beautiful glass roof for Vietnamese customers is currently considered as one of the materials selected by many projects and used in large areas and large spaces.

So is it difficult to design a beautiful quality roof ? How much does it cost to install glass roofs? Construction units design beautiful glass roof reputable and professional in Ho Chi Minh City?

Let us discover the following for you the most satisfactory answer

Nice glass roof

Prestige and Quality Glass Roof

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Types of designs of beautiful glass roof today

Currently on the market there are many different designs of beautiful glass roofs , so depending on the preferences and needs of use, customers can choose for themselves the most suitable product.

  • Glass roof combined with iron frame
  • Glass roof uses Spider legs combined with iron frame, cable car and used to support the roof.
  • Glass roof combined with iron frame and glass railing.
  • The curved domed roof uses spider legs in combination with iron bars.
  • Glass roof, skylights, tum.
  • Glass roof 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
  • Glass roofs are designed and manufactured in many different sizes and designs, be it sliding 3 or 4 panels or flat or round design …
Nice glass roof

Glass roof at tinta company

Advantages of beautiful glass roofs at TINTA

Glass roofs, also known as glass skylights, are quality materials that feature light down from above. With outstanding advantages such as:

  • Shielding rain and wind, adjusting refracting light into houses or buildings effectively
  • Helps to capture natural light, reduce glare and prevent harmful light
  • The beautiful glass roofs have a long service life, not requiring regular maintenance or replacement.
  • Glass roofs are now designed with various designs, sizes and prices to help customers choose the most suitable size for the purpose of use.
  • With a compact design, luxurious design, high aesthetics
  • Having a team of specific consultants, customers are not confused in choosing any quality products
Nice glass roof

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Brand Design of Prestige Roof in Vietnam

With these outstanding advantages, the glass roof is constructed like?

Structural characteristics of beautiful glass roofs

Current types of beautiful glass roofs are made of tempered glass of thickness from 12mm, 15mm to 19mm with good quality, manufactured from artistic colored glass, laminated glass …

The steel frame structure for glass roofs, glass roofs or toughened glass lobby roofs is a place to show creativity such as wearing colorful shirts for buildings.

Today, glass roofs can be used in many places, from small spaces in the family like skylights in the family, to other large spaces such as lobby roofs for restaurants and large constructions.

Nice glass roof

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Is designing a beautiful quality roof difficult? Stainless steel space frame 304 – TINTA

With the rapid development of this material, many people are now asking whether it is difficult to design a beautiful quality roof .

Actually, installing a beautiful glass roof is not difficult if you choose a unit that provides truly professional and prestigious roof installation.

With many years of experience, 304 stainless steel space frame. TINTA has always been chosen by investors for its professionalism and enthusiastic team.

To create more monumental buildings. When it comes to stainless steel space, or 304 stainless steel space, TINTA brand has satisfied all customers.

Nice glass roof

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

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