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It can be said that compared to recent years, mobile glass roofs are a relatively new category compared to today’s glass roofs . However, with the convenient function through automatic…

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It can be said that compared to recent years, mobile glass roofs are a relatively new category compared to today’s glass roofs . However, with the convenient function through automatic equipment system, it is gradually being used more in some areas.

Mobile glass roof

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What is mobile glass roof? Its outstanding advantages

This glass roof is understood as the glass panels placed in the frame structure system, especially the system through automatic equipment systems so it can move according to our wishes.

With a compact design, used for large areas, especially suitable for all families. When needed we can roll up easily and quickly.

The advantages of using glass roof:

Regarding structure on the glass roof, there are many advantages when using such as:

– With this glass roof, we can retract the glass roof to enjoy the natural atmosphere according to the weather without removing it, with just a push of a control device, we can immediately record and open. glass roof.

– The glass roof is placed on a frame structure system so it is well ventilated.

– Mobile style glass roofs with high aesthetic properties.

Mobile glass roof

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Learn about the Structure of mobile glass roofs

Just like some other common glass roof structures, this type of roof glass also has:

  • Glass roof frame: I-shaped iron frame, C-shaped, steel frame or stainless steel bars. With solid technology, safe to use and additional aesthetic factors.
  • Compared with some other types of glass roofs, mobile style glass roofs have a difference located in the ray structure system, the motor installation position.
  • As for equipment: The plus point is in the smart element, which can make a difference. This element helps the glass roof automatically slide under the effects of electric current. Equipment system includes the following details: Electric motor, rail system, wheels, blockers, sensors.
  • Part glass roof: Just like conventional glass roofs, mobile glass roofs  also use glass types such as: toughened glass, laminated safety glass, …

Where should choose a mobile glass roof?

For constructing glass roofs, it is necessary to choose a reputable and professional unit to avoid the bad cases when choosing non-professional construction companies.

Currently, according to recent statistics, TINTA is now the leading company in constructing glass roofs. Especially with new and modern type like mobile glass roof. We with a team of professional, enthusiastic, skilled construction will bring satisfaction to customers when choosing our glass roof.

Mobile glass roof

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

Incentives when choosing portable glass roof construction in TINTA company?

Understand the psychology of customers , TINTA company with the motto of closeness, friendliness and thoughtful dedication of the staff. Our company always promises to bring customers the feeling of comfort and closeness.

Come with us, customers will feel comfortable when choosing products. All glass roof products from us are genuine and of high quality.

When you come to us, you will receive super attractive deals on warranty policy and product return policy within 5 years. And will be free of warranty when slightly damaged and defective from the manufacturer.

TINTA Company   is a reputable unit, specializing in repairing and assembling mobile glass roofs . Along with flexible return and exchange policies. Customers can feel secure when buying at our company . For further information, please contact the web address: dankhonggianinox.com and phone number: 0987 636 779. Sincere thanks.

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