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Today, the roof of the skylight is increasingly loved and used by many people because of its aesthetics, originality and outstanding advantages. Let’s find out more in this article! What…

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Today, the roof of the skylight is increasingly loved and used by many people because of its aesthetics, originality and outstanding advantages. Let’s find out more in this article!

glass skylight roof

Glass Roof At Tinta Company

What is a skylight roof?

Skylight roof  is a form of roof using tempered glass placed on steel frame or stainless steel to form the roof. Normally, the glass roof is usually located on the rooftop or awnings of office buildings, rooftop offices, or in home gardens of households …

Skylight roof is the highlight for the house, with many useful functions such as sun, rain, light … There are many types commonly used such as:

– Glass roof using galvanized box – Glass roof using black aluminum iron – Glass roof using U, I shaped steel … – Art glass roof – Glass roof using cables or pipes supporting frame structure system – Glass roof using tempered glass 8ly – Glass roof using tempered glass 10ly – Glass roof using glass 12ly

glass skylight roof

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Prestigious Design Design of Prestige Glass Roof in Vietnam

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The structure of a glass roof sky

For a safe, aesthetically pleasing skylight roof , reinforced frames and tempered glass are two very important factors. Reinforcing frame of skylight roofs  must be machined from aluminum, iron or stainless steel to ensure the bearing capacity of the structure and the erratic effects of weather such as rain, wind, storm … to the structure of the project. The connecting rods are calculated, fully arranged from the main bearing bar as well as the accompanying shaped bars … In addition, the reinforced frame is coated with additional anti-oxidation layer to avoid the corrosion of weather to the structure, Ensure safety and durability during use.

Tempered  glass is glass that is processed at high temperatures and then cooled (faster than normal) with cool air to increase the bearing processing of the glass.

Tempered glass canopy is designed separately with high thickness, good resistance to external forces, avoiding elasticity with outside temperature … both increasing durability and ensuring safety for users.

glass skylight roof

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Advantages of skylight roof glass

Compared with traditional skylights roofs made from corrugated iron, Poly roofing sheets, … skylights roof made of tempered glass has the following outstanding advantages:

– Bring back natural light source, create a sense of comfort, closeness to nature.

– The roof system is designed to elegant design with high aesthetics.

– Taking daylight helps the house save electricity.

– Glass roof wells air circulation continuously to 100%

– Remove mold and odor in the building effectively thanks to natural sunlight.

– There is an almost eternal lifespan, no color changes over time like traditional roofs, helping you save maximum maintenance costs roof maintenance …

glass skylight roof

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

TINTA Vietnam is the leading construction company in the country

Tinta Vietnam Stainless Steel Joint Stock Company is a unit trusted by a large number of customers across the country to design and install large and small constructions from the roof of the garage, the dome of the space … for the following reasons:

Outstanding glass construction capacity: With a team of skilled, skilled, enthusiastic, enthusiastic, fast-moving staff … The projects at TINTA Vietnam are all surveyed, quoted, design, construction quickly, early schedule.

The most prestigious service of making glass roofs

Get prestige and product quality put on top. All materials and supplies are of the right type and specifications and are constructed to standards.

glass skylight roof

Prestigious Quality Glass Roof

The cheapest price of glass roof

TINTA Vietnam is a direct construction unit with complete apparatus from architects, engineers, skilled workers, experienced … In addition, materials for making glass roofs, tempered glass accessories are imported directly from genuine factories, so our construction costs are competitive, cheapest in the market.

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