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Stainless steel glass roof, also known as stainless steel frame glass roof is used very popular in many projects today. Not only brings the aestheticism of your project but the…

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Stainless steel glass roof, also known as stainless steel frame glass roof is used very popular in many projects today. Not only brings the aestheticism of your project but the product also brings elegance in each design. Join us to learn about stainless steel glass roof so you can have a better view of the product .

Many buildings now use stainless steel glass roofs in their works to bring harmony to the design. To create that certainty, what is the structure of the glass roof?

Stainless steel glass roof

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 Structure of the current stainless steel glass roof

Usually with each roof product glass is divided into 2 separate parts. Structure of stainless steel glass roof includes stainless steel frame and glass section:

Inox frame

  • Usually today, the stainless steel frame of the roof is composed of boxes with different sizes such as 60×120, 50×100, 40×80, … with a thickness of 1mm or more.
  • Currently stainless steel frame is used quite a lot when designed to bring aesthetics and durability. You can choose imported or domestically produced raw materials to ensure your costs.

Part glass

  • Commonly used for design is usually tempered glass with different thicknesses. In addition, you can also use laminated glass with lower durability.
  • The dominant color of this glass is white, dark blue or green. So you can choose the most suitable product. 
Inox glass roof

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Advantages of stainless steel glass roof

Currently, glass roofs are used very popular in many different projects. Because of the advantages that it gives us:

  • Stainless steel glass roof brings elegance and high aesthetics to the works. Especially constructions such as awnings, welcome roofs, or main halls, the stainless steel glass roof will impress people when entering.
  • Glass roof helps to protect against ultraviolet and refractive rays affecting human health. Air conditioning and temperature for the whole building.
  • Help to enhance human health when can be exposed to natural light regularly.
  • Brings a harmonious texture to the whole project, increasing the durability and strength of your work. Create a balanced and essential overall for your work. 

Prestigious address for you with stainless steel glass roof

You are in Ho Chi Minh City and need to find a reputable address with a glass roof . TINTA Corporation is the right choice for you. An address trusted and satisfied by many customers with stainless steel glass roof products .

With years of experience, we provide customers with different products. Product quality is always the first guarantee for customers. Currently with stainless steel glass roof products, customers can choose and request when coming to the company.

Commitment to delivery and installation in place for customers, will help you reduce the worry of installation. Along with that, we will support our customers the most reasonable cost.

Stainless steel glass roof

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

Currently we are providing customers with many different products such as:

  • Stainless steel toughened glass roof with bar
  • The roof frame spider legs stainless steel
  • Lobby frame stainless steel
  • Roof of stainless steel frame cafe
  • Skylight tempered glass stainless steel frame
  • Read more about stainless steel processing in tphcm . Processing 304 stainless steel. Processing stainless steel hcm.
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And there are many products we will ensure to meet your requirements. For any inquiries about our stainless steel glass roof construction ,  you can contact via:

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